Mizuno shoes "Be" for training everyday

From Mizuno shoes "Be" (B) has been released to train everyday.
It is casual training shoes that the muscles of the legs can be forged just by wearing normally.

Product features
Special insole
Speaking of Mizuno running shoes are famous, but this product gets a hint from Waraji
By placing a small step on the tip of the insole, the finger naturally walks on the ground
You can catch it well.

Kicking power is UP
You can wear your toes, soles and calf muscles efficiently just by walking normally wearing commuting and office work
You can train. Mizuno and Industrial Research Institute Digital Human Engineering Research Center
In the joint research, subjects who walked in these shoes for 4 months wore conventional running shoes
Compared to the subjects who walked, it became possible to kick the ground 7% strongly.

It seems to be able to train the muscles that the comfort is unique and not usually used very much.
As it is only training shoes, use in race that wants to give result
It seems better to refrain.

It would be pretty attractive if your feet were forged in your everyday life ^ ^
It will be released at Mizuno goods dealers nationwide from 3 and 10 days.

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