I will predict the highlight of the latest work "Kaguya Princess Story" directed by Isao Takahata

The latest work "Kaguya Princess Story", directed by Isao Takahata for the first time in 14, will be released on 11 Mon 23.

This time I will predict the highlight of the story of "Kaguya princess" to be released soon ^ ^

There is also information of the preview meeting in the second half ~



That 1 Isao Takahata new works for the first time in 14 years

'Yamamoto-kun of my hohokekyoThe latest work since the 14 year since is said to be Japan's oldest storyTaketori storyAn animation based on This work, which was produced in 2005 years from 8 years, is considered to be a director as Takahata himself and a masterpiece.

The other day announced retirement from the feature animationMiyazaki Hayao's "windy"There will be many people who have seen the specials that were aired before the main story. It was a considerable impact that the figure that Kaguya princess runs while taking off with the background like ink painting.

The 2 Japan's leading animators gather

Art director such as backgroundMy Neighbor Totoro"Or"Princess Mononoke"But familiarKazuo OgaMr. Including Oga, there are freelance top animators other than Studio Ghibli participating in this work. Played the voice of the main character, Jiro Horikoshi, with "windless" just collecting the top animators tooDirector Hideaki OginoThe next work of "Shin Evangelion Movie version: | |"The production of" is delayed ^ ^;

Takeo Dii to that 3 prisoner

TakahataPressco methodIt is famous for recording voice before making animation. RecentlyCast announcesIt was done, but among them the legend of the walk world which passed 2012 year 6 month,Takeo DiiIt seems that will appear for voice in Taketori's cast. Voices were recorded in XNUM X months of X NUM X years. I can hear that cheerful voice of Chi again on the screen ....

A limited number of au smart pass members exclusive XNUM X people preview

As in the case of "no wind", a total of 11 million previews will be held on 1 months for au Smart Pass members only. It is still engulfed as to what kind of story development is in the trailer aloneKaguya princess story'

I would like to see the redefinition of Takahata's "Taketori Monogatari" at the theater ^^

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