【Ginza】 Uohashi Meicha "Sa, Ginza" for summer limited green tea scraped ice

Tokyo is still hot even after the middle of September.

This time, we will introduce you to organically grown powdered green tea ice that you can enjoy at a teahouse in Ginza.



Uohashi Meicha Ginza branch Tea, Ginza

Uomori Meicha is a long-established tea shop that has been in the market outside Tsukiji for more than 80 years. Here is the Ginza store.

The Ginza Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and Ginza 4 Chome intersection are also just a short walk away.


Here is the 1 floor selling tea and tea and the 2 floor is a tea room with sencha.

There is a tea room with green tea on the 3 floor, and shaved ice is provided in summer only.


State of 1 floor of shop.

There is a sense of luxury and a little nervous.

Buy tickets for shaved ice and green tea on this 1 floor and go up to the 3 floor.


State of the stairs.

Atmosphere that this narrowness also feels like entering a tea room (^ ^)


Here is the cafeteria on the 3 floor.

It's a very bright space as sunlight enters from the ceiling in a simple decoration.

There are benches around and you can sit there and take a break.

At first, green tea set (XNUM X yen) of organic cultivation of bride's order

Dark brown

Dark brown

This is dark tea melted in a small amount of hot water.

The deep brown bite of the bite is extremely rich!

I would like to eat tea sweets soon.


The sweets of this day are here!

Sweets like the moon.


Finally, matcha tea comes out and the matcha set is over.

I was able to see the tea bowl carefully and took a rest.


I received a full-fledged matcha after a long time

Unlike sencha, I like bitterness ~

This is organically grown matcha powdered green tea set (700 yen)

Organically grown Matcha Green Tea Set (XNUM X yen)

Organically grown Matcha Green Tea Set (XNUM X yen)

Here is the summer-limited "that's the oyster of organically grown matcha green tea", which was served in a silver tea bowl ^ ^

Additives were accompanied by sweetened animato beans and risotto.


Powdered green tea is abundant in the shaved ice.

Since the shaved ice itself is not sweet, it feels like eating it with sweets as a side dish.

Shaved ice for adults ~



If you eat shaved ice while eating this risotto, you will have a reasonable sweetness!


As you eat, ice and green tea fuse and it becomes like "ice dark tea".

I've been asking for sweetness when I say shaved ice, but here I have often received the message that I want Matcha to be enjoyed with Matcha.

The tea ceremony is a simple hospitality that cuts off the extra things.

It's deep inside ~ (^ ^)

Tea presso

Tea presso

I got cold sencha on my way back to the 1 floor on the way back.

It is called tea presso and extracted with high pressure, so to say the espresso tea version is sweet and sweet here too!

I want to read it together


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