【Hiroo】 Homeworks Additive-free teriyaki burger eating in an American atmosphere


The shop to be introduced today is Hiroo, Shibuya-ku. We ate Terayaki Burger at the first hamburger & sandwich restaurant "Homeworks Hiroo" in Japan!


From the Hibiya Subway Line Hiroo Station, walk XNUM minutes. Hiroo's shopping street is the first sight.

There are also many fashionable cafes here, called Hiroo Walk Street.

The sound of "Hiroo stroll street" is too good to wktk (・ ∀ ·)


We disturbed here "Home Works Hiroo store" today.

It is the first hamburger & sandwich restaurant in Japan that opened in 1985.


There are signboards and wooden benches and chairs outside.

I remember that store in New Orleans. # I have never been


The time was a little before noon, but there were already many customers.

There were a lot of places, foreign customers and families too!

By the way, I'm a teriyaki burger that I would order a hamburger and sandwich. The bride ordered a sandwich of ham and cheese.


Teriyaki Burger XNUM Xg (XNUM X Yen)

First of all, Teriyaki Burger ^ ^

The patties here are beef 100%. Preservatives and seasonings are not used, so the taste of the ingredients is plentiful.

Volumes can also be selected from XNUMxg (110 yen) and XNUMxg (1100 yen).


Ham and cheese sandwich (XNUM X yen)

Sandwich with plenty of ham between fresh lettuce and tomatoes.

You can choose cheese from Cheddar cheese or Switzerland or Monterey Jack. We chose cheddar cheese this time.

The bread also had white toast with 2 (white or graham).


Dock Teriyaki Burger!

Vans is the original bread of this shop. I have not used any additives, preservatives or yeast food.


As you can see when you cut roughly with a knife ^ ^

Teriyaki burger that is rich in taste with the crispy sensation of lettuce and onion is moderately mild (^ ω ^)

This is delicious ('▽ `)


When I asked for food, many of the soft drinks were free to change (^^; that was done later)

By the time I finished eating, I was surrounded by foreigners and it seemed like it was not Japan ^ ^

It is recommended that you eat a hamburger-free hamburger with an American atmosphere, though the price is slightly choppy!


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