If you would like to eat Sokadai Soba after the evening, you should go to "Shinsui"!


The other day, I went to Shindaiji Temple in Chofu City. It's similar to Kyoto and has a very nice atmosphere. Hina Soba is famous and soba is served here every year.

However, when I went in the evening I realized that I had something. that is…


Most shops are closed at afternoon 5

Until now, I did not come during this time, but most of the side shops, tea shops and souvenir shops in Hsindai-ji are supposed to close at 5 in the afternoon. I arrived a little earlier this afternoon at 5 on a Saturday afternoon, but I felt that there was almost nothing and I could say "Eh?" There are many people in the daytime or festival day.

I went to Shindaiji "Daruma City" |
When I was at a loss in front of Shindaiji Temple, a servant of a soba restaurant who always eats soba noodles taught me.

"Mr. Shimizu, I may be doing until around 7 in the afternoon!"

Oh ~ Really! When I call right now, I will do it until this afternoon 7. (※ Please be sure to check the closing time depending on the day)

I walked from Jindaiji and headed for a little "Suisui".


Hand-made soba spring


This is a shop of hand-made soba.

Using carefully selected domestic milled buckwheat flour, this day was 90% buckwheat noodles mixed with Hokkaido early-early seeds and Aizu from Japan.

There is a table seat and a seating area in the shop and a calm atmosphere ^ ^


Tororo soba (with quail eggs) (XNUM X yen)

I ordered cold taro soba this time. Soba is rich in flavor and can be eaten well over the throat.

Delicious (^ ω ^)


Favorite food of miso oden (XNUM X yen)

Miso miso


This is buckwheat tofu (XNUM X yen)

You will warm it like a tofu. The flavor of the soba side is ^^


Among the soba shops in Jindaiji Temple, 1 is the latest one, so there are many local customers.

I can not eat soba but I can not eat soba-(※ ※ business hours vary depending on the day so be sure to check on the phone)


It was the first shop I entered, but the side was delicious and the variety was very good shop ^ ^

It is recommended even if it is not in the evening!

During the Jindai Temple tour stamp walk

A stamp walk around Jindaiji is being held until 10 on the 31 month. If you bring leaflet coupons distributed on the Keio Line and Inokashira Line during the event period, you can get 20 yen discount if you eat more than 500 yen at the souvenir of Jindaiji Soba 100 stores including here. There are discounts at other stores, and there are also lottery gifts!

For details, please click here.


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