[1 / 25 holding] TOKYO walk special edition Izu Islands walk in Hachijojima

A special edition was announced at TOKYO Walk, which will be held five times a year. A walking tournament will be held on Hachijojima Island in the Izu Islands next month in 1!
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Walking competition with limited number of 500 players

The TOKYO Walk is a walking event that goes around Tokyo every year in the entire 5 series. This time, a special edition walking around Hachijojima Izu Islands will be held next month in 1.

Hachijojima is an island of the Tokyo Izu Islands full of nature surrounded by mountains and the sea.trekking,divingAnd other activities are possible, and many tourists visit.

Access is about 1 minutes on a jet plane that goes back and forth from Haneda Airport 3 days 55. On the route, you will arrive in approximately 1 hours on a large passenger ship that makes a round trip to 1 day 11 from Takeshiba Pier.

A course where you can enjoy both natural scenery and historical scenery

Hachijojima is surrounded by the sea on all sides, this walking is Hachijo Town Hall start & goal.

A course is Minamihara Senjojiki ~Hachijo Fuji~ Xenochi Coast ~ City area ~ 22 km around Osato district.

Course B is a course of about 10 km that travels from the Hachijo-cho government office to the urban area to the bottom surface.

Schedule / venue
Heisei XNUM X Year XNUM X Month XNUM X (Saturday) Hachijo Town Hall (The banquet is Oga Town public hall)

Application period
Heisei 25 year 9 month 17 day-12 month 20 day

Capacity, participation fee, participation fee

Capacity Participant: 500 name Party: 180 name (first-come-first-served basis)

Participation fee Participation fee: 1,500 yen Meeting fee: 3,000 yen (only for 180 persons) Lunch fee: 600 yen (only for applicants)

Qualification Qualification for elementary school students and above. Anyone who is healthy can participate. Those under the age of 18 need parental approval.

How to apply
1 Apply on the Internet site. ※At sports entry
2 Apply using the "Postal Transfer Payment Form" attached to the brochure.
3 Apply directly at Hachijojima Tourism Association. (Cash only)
4 Apply directly at the Japan Walking Association.
Kanda St. Building, 1-2-4 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8530, Japan
TEL 03-5256-7855 (hours from 10 o'clock to 17 o'clock ※ only weekdays)
In addition, we are planning a set plan for round trip group flights from Haneda to Hachijojima and accommodation (night or two nights) in Hachijojima. Specifically, please contact the following travel agency.

【Inquiry】 Tobu Travel Inc. Tokyo Branch
TEL 03-5812-1581 FAX 03-3833-2200
Sasaki, Suzuki, Nagata

Hachijojima island food and Hachijo shochu will be served at the Oyukokai after walking ^ ^
There is also an invitation to Shimauchi Onsen, so it looks like it will be a walking tournament where you can enjoy Hachijojima!

Hachijojima Tourism Association Event Information

TOKYO Walk XNUM | Walk on TOKYO! Aiming for a gold medal for health!

Rakuten Travel Co., Ltd.


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