【Breaking Results】 # Extreme Launch: Cycling from Asaka in Yokohama Chinatown!

9 We have participated in the "Nationwide Extreme Attending Conference" held on the 2 Mon.

What I went to was a plan to go to Yokohama Station with a rental cycle after having breakfast at Yokohama Chinatown.

In the second half, I will tell you the fierce battle of the visiting artists from across the country and the announcement of the results announced earlier!


The morning of the visiting artist is early.

I got up at morning 4 to get on the first train.

It was already light at the time of Virtual Extreme, but it is so dim that the moon can still be seen in the 9 month.

"It looks like it will be fine today, too"

I changed my clothes and left the house while rubbing my sleepiness.


I visited Yokohama Chinatown. Time is half of 6.

Chinatown, which is always crowded with many people, is not alone.

A slight breeze of sea breeze comes.


As you can see around the symbol "Good Neighbor" of Chinatown.


That morning Chinatown. There are 7 shops running from 1 am.


Arrived 5 minutes ago. So far as planned.

I can afford it if I go at this pace.


We recommend Asaka set here.

You can also eat cheap shark fin with two shark fin on it.

Let's try eating a popular Ryusen bowl today.


Enter the store and order. It's cold, and a wooden chopsticks are carried.

Why···? Why I knew I was left-handed!

This is the first shop to come. It should not have told especially that it is left-handed but ...

Truly horse's shop. I wondered why I was left-handed with the insight of China XNUM X Thousand Years. .

Do not do! Mr. Ma!

"Ah, are you going to work at Extreme?"

"Hmm, yes, but ..."

I turned around and there was a woman there.

After visiting the area around Yokohama, he was a visiting artist who was invited to eat breakfast here at Ma's shop.

The person who arrived from here in Yokohama Motomachi around the hand of the mountain. It was for me to say that I tweeted at the shop and asked.

It is about here that is open here (^ ^;)

Nationwide simultaneous # Extreme launch company Yokohama Motomachi walk

I'm waiting while talking, but I can't get enough rice bowls, and I just feel a little too busy.

It is a game from here.


It finally came out about 20 minutes from the order. It is here that I was scolded by a lot of ramen rice bowls.

There were plenty of seafood like big shrimp, scallops and squid inside.

However, while it's hot and cold, it's delicious.

While time was approaching, I desperately drank it rather than eating rice cakes.


Although I was a little embarrassed, I finally finished eating. Unfortunately, the pomegranate tofu of the set is served with spring rolls and salad but also the dessert.

杏 ~ 杏 tofu, I like it but I can not help it. Mr. Ma will come again!

Say hello to the visiting artists and head to Yamashita Park with an iza bicycle cycle!

Ma's Store Ryusen
Ma's Store Ryusen
Genre: Shanghai "home" home cooking
Access: JR Negishi Line Ishikawacho Station Walk for 6
Address: 〒XNUM-231 Yamashitacho, Naka Ward, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture 0023-218 (地 図
Sister store:Ma's Store Ryusen Market Hall
Online reservation of shops around:
-Course list of Yokohama Chinatown Ginjo Shinkan
-Course List of Yokohama Chinatown Chongqing Hotel Main Building Sichuan Cuisine
-Course list of Yamauchi Farm Kannai Minamiguchi Ekimae store
Nearby shops:GURUNAVIGURUNAVI Yokohama Chinatown x Shanghai cuisine
Date published: XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day

Yokohama bike cycle "Bay bike"

While it takes about 45 minutes to go to the train from Yokohama Station to the office, here we go cycling from Yamashita Park to near Yokohama Station. I came here and felt a little sweet in my plan, but I can't wait, make it in time!

The rental cycle used this time is "Yokohama community cycle". It is a rental cycle that can be borrowed with a dedicated IC card registered in advance, and can be dumped at a dedicated port at XNUM locations, mainly in Yokohama Minato Mirai area.

Yokohama community cycle (rental cycle)-baybike [bay bike]

A cool guy with a bright body. Also equipped with 3 stage gear.

XNUM X km cycling in OkutamaI experienced it too and I was a safety first!


First of all, Hikawamaru in Yamashita Park!


Yamashita Park where the sea breeze feels good.

Of course it is the first time to come to such time ^ ^


I will go more and more ~

Nobody is here in Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse!


From here, you can see Yokohama Bay Bridge and Yokohama Port!

I have no time to take photos next!


Last spurt to the side of Yokohama Landmark Tower! Drip sweat (^ ^;)

Somehow it will be in time!


Run XNUM km safely and arrive at the port closest to Yokohama Station!

Thank you! Extreme! (from when?)

sanpopo Tokyo's Activity 2013.9.02 Cycling 4.72 km 00 27 14
↑ This cycling course is here!

Runtastic Road Bike GPS Cycle Computer 2.1 (Free)
Category: Healthcare / Fitness, Sports
Sold by: runtastic-runtastic (Size: 25.1 MB)
All versions rating: (XNUM X ratings)

after that,If you miss the train in the direction of the company from Yokohama Station and get in the opposite directionArrived at the company before work 5 minutes somehow (~; ∀ `)

The Extreme debut debut has managed to finish.
It was the first time I moved so much before coming to work, but I was able to work without sleepiness unexpectedly because I spent an unusual morning.

Extreme to go out of everyday life. It seems that there is a new discovery just by getting up a little early and going to work on a different route ^ ^

#Xtreme Inc. Yokohama Toka Mirai cycling from Asaka in Yokohama Chinatown! / togetter

【Breaking news】 Announce the results of the National Extreme Launch Conference!

Earlier,Extreme Marketing AssociationThe announcement was from, and the result of the national simultaneous Extreme attendance conference held this time was announced!

There are 3 people who visit the Yamanote Line by bicycle, drawing pictures on their large sheets with their daughters in front of Inokashira Park, and canoeing Yamagata's torrent rivers, and everyone is high! !

Under such circumstances, the honorable grand prize isFrom your home, run XNUM km by bicycle and go back and forth the number of stone steps in Japan (23 steps)! After that, I went to work to a company that was 3333 km awaySamurai rocket was awarded! S, too great (^ ^;)

I've climbed to Japan's No. 1 stone stairway (3333 steps).

Everyone who participated, I was really tired!

MapFan co-sponsored "Nationwide simultaneous launch event meeting results" results announced! -Tomorrow trip-MapFan

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