Tokyo Metropolitan Government Olympics light up was beautiful when we went to the Tokyo Olympics and Tokyo people's briefing session for 2020

2020 days have passed since it was decided to hold the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

The invitation committee returned from Buenos Aires yesterday. There was a Tokyo citizen briefing session in front of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is currently carrying out Olympic color lights up until 20 this month!


Tokyo Metropolitan Government is lighting up until 20 day

About 10 people gathered in the square in front of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office in the evening of 6000 to see the return of the Bid Committee.

By the time I arrived I was already lighted up with the Olympic colors as you can see in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government First Office Building!


On the platform of the open space, Naoki Ayase, Tokyo Governor, Fencing Yutaka Ota, and Paralympic Run Long Jump Sato Mikai are on stage.

I made a report on the invitation to Tokyo one by one ^ ^


Although Ota was nervous, the bright expression was impressive.

Sato's presentation was also impressive ^ ^

Finally, the Tokyo Citizens' Report Meeting was ended by breaking the cousin of the holding decision.


First of all, the members of the Bid Committee, thank you very much!

It is a new start for 7 years from today ^ ^


Suddenly, looking up from above, it was a good feeling from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government light up.

Tokyo Olympics holding decision special light up is being carried out in each place even in other than Tokyo Metropolitan Government!

Tokyo Metropolitan Government First Office Building~ XNUM X days (Fri)

Tokyo Tower~ XNUM X (Sat)

Tokyo Sky Tree~ X NUM X days (Mon, Holiday)

Tokyo Gate Bridge~ XNUM X days (Sun)

Rainbow Bridge~ X NUM X days (Mon, Holiday)


If you look at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Olympics light-up, which is different from usual, Tokyo was decided to be held in Tokyo-

Good feeling ('▽ `)

Rogge Chairman 2

By the way, ICU President Jacques Rogge, who announced the decision on the host city, is said to retire at this general meeting.

I liked that way of presentation. Thank you for your hard work. I'm sorry to play at the end.

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