[Jingu Palace stadium gourmet] eat wine curry rice and new food texture sweets that Ichinohe Goro ate

The other day, I went to Jingu Stadium to watch professional baseball. Did you know that Jingu Stadium is a hidden gourmet spot here?

We ate curry rice which came out to "gourmet of loneliness" this time ^ ^


Hidden gourmet spots

I came to Jingu Stadium, home of Tokyo Yakult Swallows. It's been a long time since I watched a professional baseball game ^ ^ The light stand was cheered loudly by a cheering team at home. I feel hungry when I support you.

Jingu Stadium is a hidden gourmet spot with a large number of stores!

Gourmet map Gourmet, goods information Meiji Jingu baseball field

From Jingu Stadium HP Gourmet Map

There is a wide variety of food from fast food such as Pizzara and Kentucky to private stores that have been open for half a century! Today, the main character from the manga "Gourmet of Loneliness" is the wine curry rice at which Iroha Inoue ate.


This "Noodle and Hideo" is a shop founded in Showa 59. It is a shop located just behind the 16 entrance on the back screen.

Soba and udon are the main shops, but curry rice is also a specialty. I will buy a meal ticket and ask for the wine curry rice ~


Winner curry rice (XNUM X yen)

I got Goro-san to appear using the recently released app "Lonely Camera" because it was a chance ^^

We have a lot of Fukujin pickles in an odd dog curry rice, and we are riding 2 of wieners ~


Curry rice eaten while watching a hot game in the hot summer is exceptional. Speaking of which, Goro-san had eaten while sweating a high school baseball game of nephew ^^

I want to eat something fresh next time ~

Speaking of summer, isn't it cold ice?


Snow My (500 yen)

This newly-cooked sweet "Snowmy" is an item limited to Jingu Stadium.

It seems to be sold at Jingu Stadium here until the 9 month.


It was not like shaved ice but also ice cream, and it was like pouring syrup on ice like powdery snow.

Strawberry taste was delicious ('▽ `)


Goro-san is surprised to see this as well ^^ ... ...

This app is quite fun.

Anyway, Jingu Stadium seems to have many spots to eat, so it can be enjoyed many times.

Also, while watching baseball, I will try to eat delicious things.


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