[Shinjuku-ward, Shinano-cho] All-you-can-drink all-you-can-eat in Meiji Jinguen outing "Forest's beer garden"!

This time, we will introduce the famous beer garden "Mori Beer Garden" of Meiji Jingu Gaien.

Tokyo's limited-time specialty beer garden that has reached the 30 year this year. This year, it will be open until 9 month 28 day!


Japan's largest outdoor beer garden

Walk XNUM from JR Sobu Line Shinanomachi Station. Meiji Jingu Gaien "Mori Beer Garden" is one of the largest beer gardens in Japan with 5 seats. This beer garden, which has reached the 1,000 year this year, is also popular.The high season reservation is a big success for about 1 months!Because it was a weekday, many people from work and students came!


First of all, from the reception desk. Since we have a tent on the right side of the entrance gate, we will accept it and pay a fee.

All-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink BBQ with XNUM X time system, with prices for 2 for men and 4,000 for women.(Junior high school students-19 years old 3,500 yen, elementary school students 2,000 yen, 4 years old-less than elementary school students 500 yen, 3 years and younger are free.) There are other à la carte menus such as Genghis Khan.


In addition, even if you do not have a reservation, you can enter in the queue! This day was waiting for about 7 hours on the afternoon of weekdays (Monday) at half afternoon 1.

If the schedule is decided, it is recommended to make a phone reservation, but you can wait for 1 months in the high season, so please come early!


Anyway, inside is a wide ^^ It is a beer garden that 1000 people can add though there is a considerable depth ^ ^

I like the atmosphere called Wai Waigayaya in this outdoors (^ ω ^)


There is also a place where waterfalls flow.

If you sit close, you can drink while taking cool ~


And the main all-you-can-drink beer is a drink bar format!

There were 3 kinds of beers such as "Ichi Shibori" and "Black draft beer". We will order some drinks and soft drinks. The secret of cheapness seems to be here. But I like to pour it by myself because it is fun.

And the tragedy of forgetting the beer picture ('Д`)


The seat where we sat was the tent seat. If it's raining on the day of booking you can enjoy it without getting wet.


All you can eat BBQ is full scale!

I'll burn it up ~


Beef, pork, flavored lamb and sausages are also free!

It's a sausage!


Eat vegetables too much ~

The bean sprouts baked with lamb in a Genghis Khan style are too delicious ('▽ `)


The last was fried noodles and it was delicious ~

We drank and ate 2 hours, and the surroundings were surrounded by trees, so it was a place that was truly a "forest beer garden".

It is likely to be the reason for the popularity from the station with good access and plenty of green here ^ ^


After drinking and eating, you can go home while taking a walk along the Jingu Gaien. The Seitoku Memorial Picture Gallery, right next to the Forest Beer Garden, is lit up until 9.

There are few people and it may be just right for drunkenness.

Summer is over in a little more. The beer garden in the forest is until 9 Mon 28 (Saturday)!

Forest beer garden | R and K Food Service Co., Ltd. (shop HP)

Business period: 2013 year 5 month 21 day (Tue)-9 month 28 day (Saturday)
Business period: Weekdays 17: 00 to 22: 00 (Last order 21: 00)
Sat / Sun / Holiday 12: 00 to 22: 00 (Last order 21: 00)
Summer vacation periodXNUM X Month X NUM X Day (Sat)-X NUM X Month X NUM X Day
Weekdays 14: 00 to 22: 30 (Last order 21: 30)
Sat / Sun / Holiday 12: 00 to 22: 30 (Last order 21: 30)

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