The next-generation stamp rally "Colopla Stamp Tour" using a smartphone will begin!

Koropla Co., Ltd., which develops and operates location information games (position games) using mobile phones and smartphones, will start offering "Colopla Stamp Tour", a stamp rally application that can be played on smartphones, from the end of the month of 8.

This application that uses Yamaha's new technology seems to be the next-generation stamp rally.

Koropla stamp tour

New technology "info sound" which makes data sound

Speaking of stamp rally, it is a recreation where you go to the place where you received the mount at the beginning and collect several stamps, but "Colopla Stamp Tour" released from Koropla this time is an application that can participate in various stamp rally .

It is an app that seems to be likely so far so far, but the stamp acquisition method is very unique.

Get a stamp using a technology called INFOSOUND newly developed by Yamaha.


InfoSound (INFOSOUND) is a system that modulates digital information into an acoustic signal and transmits it.

In other words, when you arrive at the stamp spot, the microphone of the smartphone with this application will hear the stamp that hears the sound signal that contains digital information that can not be heard by people flowing from the speaker!

Until now, it was possible to check in if it was a GPS signal to some extent, but by using this technology it is possible to gather people to a pinpoint in a narrower range.

In addition to this, since it is possible to attach information to music, it seems that you can use it in various ways, such as artist information can be obtained if you let the music on your smartphone! This is a great technology ^ ^
Stamp tour Koropra

The X NUM X bullets are a stamp rally campaign for "Sports Festival Tokyo X NUM X"

The 1 round of “Colopura Stamp Tour” will start from the 9 month 2013 day on the stamp rally around the venue of “Sports Festival Tokyo 9” to be held from this year 11 month.

Select the desired course from the app and explore stamp spots on the app map hint. Get close to the spot and catch the signal sound that flows in the info sound to get a stamp. A limited item with the motif of the mascot character "Yurito" of the sports festival Tokyo 3, which can be used in the location information game "Colonial Life" run by Koropla when you get stamps at 2013 locations or more, will be presented as a present for each course You can apply!

■ Period: 2013 year 9 month 11 day (Wednesday) to 2013 year 10 month 14 day (Monday)

■ How to participate in the stamp rally:
STEPXNUM. Download Koropra Stamp Tour on your smartphone (Android, iPhone compatible)
STEPX NUM. Select the desired course (A ~ E) of "Stamp Rally at Tokyo XNUM X Smartphone" from the list of stamp rally and participate
STEPXNUM. Turn around the stamp spot with map hints
STEPXNUM. Get stamp when you get close to the stamp spot with the app launched
STEPXNUM. Apply for prizes of each course with stamp acquisition of 5 locations or more

A course mirrorless single-lens reflex camera (XNUM X people)
Course to feel the green of Musashino from Kichijoji (Musashino City, Nishi Tokyo City, Kiyose City, Higashi Kurume City, Higashimurayama City, Kodaira City)

B course Tokyo special product (XNUM X people)
From Fuchu Station A course that traces the ancient history (Fuchu City, National City, Kokubunji City, Koganei City, Mitaka City, Chofu City)

C course iPod nano (XNUM X people)
Tachikawa Station departures course to enjoy park and American taste (Tachikawa City, Akishima City, Fussa City, Musashimurayama City, Higashiyamato City, Mizuho City)

D course Pedometer (XNUM X people)
Hachioji / Machida Station departure leisurely hiking course (Hachioji City / Machida City, Hino City, Tama City, Inagi City, Sabae City)

E course folding bicycle (XNUM X people)
Tokyo Nature Experience Course (Ome City, Hamura City, Akiruno City, Hinodecho City, Okutama City, Kashihara Village)

Stamp rally using new technology is likely to be used in various events.

I look forward to future developments!

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