Summer Night Zoo @ Tama Animal Park has no sense of presence!

Between Saturday and Sunday in 8 and 13 to 16, the Tama Zoo in Hino City extends the opening time!

"Summer Night @ Tama Zoo2013" is being held. Reported the atmosphere as we went yesterday!


Special opening until night 8, Ueno Zoo is also underway

Knight Zoo has a different atmosphere from daytime. In Tokyo, it is held at Tama Zoo and Ueno Zoo. This time I visited the Tama animal park in Hino City. This is a very large zoo that breeds 350 animals.

Ueno Zoo Official Site-Tokyo Zoot
Ueno Zoo from 8 / 10 to 18


How to enjoy Night Zoo

We arrived at Tama Animal Park in the afternoon after 6. Normally, the park will be closed at afternoon 5, but this period will be open until afternoon 8. The sun is also slightly inclined (due to afternoon 7), the green deep Tama Zoo has gradually become darker around.

Well, let me know the points I would like to be aware of when enjoying Knight Zoo.


Let's see the animals while it is bright

When it gets dark, the animals become very difficult to see. Moreover, Asian elephants, African elephants, white-handed gibbons, etc. will stop viewing at 18 from half an hour at 18, and some areas will be closed after 17, so if you want to see animals slowly, it will be bright Let's watch it.


Let's enjoy the sense of reality after dark

After darkening with the exception of some indoor exhibitions (such as the Koala Building), it will only be exterior lights that illuminate the roadside. Since flash photography is prohibited even when taking pictures, it may be difficult to shoot unless you have a very high sensitivity camera.

Let's enjoy the atmosphere with animals at Night Zoo. Especially when it gets dark, the eyebrows of animals become difficult to see and the visual boundary disappears. In the dark, I was scared a bit as if the tiger seemed to be attacked even though I knew it was safe, because the tiger was crawling loudly (^ ^;)

A night zoo that feels like being thrown out into the jungle of a true night. There are a lot of nocturnal animals, so you may see one side of the animals that is different from the daytime!

Tama Animal Park Official Site-Tokyo Zoot

Admission feeGeneral: X NUM X Yen X NUM X Ages: X NUM X Junior High School Students: X NUM X Primary School Children: Free

(It is free for junior high school students living and attending Tokyo. Junior high school students are required to bring their student notebooks.)

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It's just like the expeditionary team! Special open until 8:00 pm at Ueno Zoo & Tama Animal Park |

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