[Kamakura / Komachi Street] The fluffy caramel chiffon of Mercer Cafe is delicious

The cafe to be introduced this time is Kamakura.

It is "mercer cafe Kamakura shop" newly made in 4 month of this year near Komachi street.


Eating walk sweets of Kamakura walk

Komachi street in the morning. The time is past 8.

Komachi Street, which is always very busy, also has few people at this time.


Mercer Cafe is located just off Kozakura St Michael's Church in the middle of Komachi Dori.

Minami Aoyama,EbisuCafe popular in. It is a feature that every store is in the residential area which entered one from the main street ^ ^

This open cafe is open from morning 8 to 30.


The cafe space is about the front seat XNUM X seats.

There is a big fan and it is not hot in summer.


At the back of the restaurant is an attached restaurant.Branch kitchen"there is.

This restaurant where you can also eat French toast is open from 9 am 30 am.

The atmosphere here looks good ^ ^


By the way, order is "caramel chiffon cake set" (XNUM X yen with set with drink)

You can get it on a dedicated tray.

You can take a walk out of Kamakura while eating and taking out if this ^ ^


This chiffon cake is soft and fluffy!

Rather than a sponge, it is so moist that you can eat it with a spoon.

The sweetness was suppressed with fresh cream and the compatibility between caramel sauce and nuts such as almond was perfect ^ ^

Recommended as a snack during Kamakura walk!

Mercer Cafe Kamakura

Address248-0006-2 Komachi, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture
ACCESSWalk on JR Yokosuka Line Kamakura Station East Exit on foot 6
Nearest stationJR Yokosuka Line Kamakura Station
Business hours
Regular holiday
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