Ideal for exploring Kamakura! I tried to borrow Canon's mirrorless single-lens reflex camera "EOS M" for free at Kamakura City Tourism Association

Conde I have is made by Ricoh. Tokyo stroller (@tokyosanpopo) ^ ^

I went to Kamakura this summer vacation. Currently, the Kamakura City Tourism Association rents Canon's mirrorless SLR camera "EOS M" free of charge on weekdays! This time I actually borrowed a camera and went to the famous Hikokuji temple as Takedera.


At first from the debit of the camera.

To rent a camera, first visit the Kamakura City Tourism Association on the 4th floor of the Enoden Building adjacent to Enoshima Electric Railway Kamakura Station.

Enter the building on the right side of the picture and take the elevator to the 4th floor.


"Ginza Aster" famous for Chinese food is on the 1 floor.

Once you arrive on the 4 floor, please ask the Kamakura City Tourist Association to rent a mirrorless SLR camera.

It is better to reserve in advance because it is up to the first 3 name ^ ^

Two things needed at the time of rental

・ SD card

・ Identification card with photograph ※ We can not borrow without identification card.

You will then be able to sign a loan agreement and a loan slip and show you a simple way to shoot. (You will also receive a copy of the instruction manual.)

The procedure for lending is about 10 minutes at the above. It takes about 10 minutes for the questionnaire and the confirmation process when returning.

Well, let's actually go for a walk with a camera.

<Loan time>
Weekdays 10: From 00 to 16: From 30. (The reception is to 13: 00)

<Loan number>
1 Day 3 units. (Advance reservation is possible) First-come-first-served basis.


The equipment I borrowed this time is "EOS M body", 4 point of telephoto lens and single focus lens and battery.

We will lend you a bag for the camera if you wish.

Postscript: "EOS M100" is lent out now.


If you have a compact digital camera with palm size, you can have "EOS M" with almost the same feeling.


The lens is a little bit heavier than the single-lens reflex camera.

When wearing a single focus lens, it was almost the same weight as Condigi. It's nice to have a hand and it's very easy to hold!


Here are the pictures of Takekoku and Hokokuji taken with the mirrorless single-lens reflex camera "EOS M".

The contrast of the dense bamboo is great ^ ^


Because shooting is just a touch on the shutter or touch panel where you want to focus

It was easy for me to handle mirrorless SLR cameras for the first time.



This is a flower shot with a single focus lens.

The background is blurry firmly ^ ^


This time I could not go there only because of time,

If you make a plan, it will be possible to copy the memories of XNUM X Sun Kamakura walk ^ ^

If you want to buy a mirrorless single-lens reflex camera from now on, it looks like it can be used in the 1 day so you can feel it.

Please take a look at summer vacations and Kamakura walks on weekdays.

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