Okutama to Oume has been on a bicycle "Trekling"

Tokyo Walkpo (walking, marathon followed by cycling)@tokyosanpopoIs) (^ ^)

This time, we have run about 20 km from Okutama to Ome by bicycle!


Okutama's bicycle rental cycle

This start is JR Okutama Station. It is the terminal station of the Ome Line, which travels from the Shinjuku in about 1 hours and XNUM minutes following the Chuo Line and the Ome Line.

The time is morning 9. The temperature has already risen.


Walk from Okutama Station for XNUM minutes. Here is the bicycle cycle "Trek ring"Mr. is.

Today I would like to rent a bicycle from here and go cycling about 20 km to Ome!


There are about 40 bicycles such as mountain bikes and electric assist cross bikes in the shop.

All are shiny and cool!

It seems to be mostly out during the busy season.WEB reservationI hope you keep it ^ ^


First of all, I received a lecture on today's course with the receptionist and Trekling's original MAP.

In addition to the Ome course, you can go to the Okutama Lake "Okutama Mukashishi Road"Course to Hihara CaveThere are various courses available.


From Okutama to Ome basically go down the Oume Kaido road that runs along the Tamagawa River, but he gave me a detailed lecture on the spots on the way and the precautions when cycling.


Well, this time we rent an electric assist cross bike "Panasonic Hariya Hurryer".

The front suspension is attached and absorbs the impact of the step.

This rental fee is 3 for 2,500 hours (1 for every 500 extended). Drop off at 1 day or Ome / Kawabe is 3,500 yen.


On the left side of the handle is a control panel of electric assist.

It is likely to hold about 40km if it is in the power mode at the time of steep climb and the eco mode at the normal time.


The gear has 7 gear.

Power Ho (^ ^)


Daughter-in-law with 3 gear and basket Electric Assist Mini Bello SportsPanasonic Little Bee. "

It is a recommended bike for beginners.

This rental fee is 3 hour 2,500 yen (1 hourly every 500 time extension). A drop off at 1 day or Ome / Kawabe was 3,000 yen.

Other than this, bikes without electric assist can be rented at XNUM time of 3 yen, 1,500 day of 1 yen!


How to operate gear and electric assist.

He also gives lectures on the optimal height of the saddle ^ ^


Come on, let's wear a helmet and leave for cycling!

Always run to the left on the road. Because there are narrow roads in the tunnel, I will be careful with safety.

NEXT: On the next page, we will finally cycle from Okutama to Ome!


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