【Okutama ・ Otaki】 "Dongurinko beef stew" is a large serving [Closed store]

The shop introduced this time is Okutama.

It is a shop where you can eat beef stew with whole bread while watching the mountain stream ^ ^

Postscript: This shop was closed.



Restaurant that can eat while looking at the valley

Walk along the Tama River from JR Ontake Station for about XNUM minutes.Okutama Fishing CenterLocated next to is "Dongurin This Terrace". This time we visited on the way from Okutama cycling.

It is said that Mt. Otake is near from Oyodo Station and mountain climbers also visit.


This shop on the shores of the upper Tama River. It is a hideout restaurant in the woods.

The time is past noon. Let's get in right now!

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Inside is a cottage, and it is a beautiful shop when the warmth of the tree is transmitted.

This is a relaxing moment ~ (^ ^)


Most of the seats face the Tama River and you can eat while looking at the beautiful valley!

Many green are healed ^ ^


Well, order.

Here's the "Dongurinko beef stew" in the pan bowl, which is a specialty of the store.

I order this without hesitation. My wife ordered beef stew rice.


First arrived is the "Dongurinko stew" (1,500 yen)!

The round pan, about 30 cm in diameter, is the stew bowl. it's amazing!

There are daikon salad, soup, pickles, and a bite donut.


You can see the beef stew when you take the lid of the bread) ^ o ^ (good smell!

And this is a fair amount ^ ^;


"Beef stew rice" (XNUM X yen)


This is also a little more.

As a whole, the store here seems to be large, so let's go hungry.


Well, the stew contains broccoli, carrots, potatoes, and beef with goron.


At first it is a bite of stew. It's deep and it feels like a royal stew of beef stew.

Delicious (^ ^ ^)

The beef was also softly cooked.


Broccoli and potatoes, which are cut a little big, are delicious.


Put the lid on the stew.

It's a pretty big bread, so I can eat it ^ ^


Even if the baked bread is soaked in the beef stew, it is softened to trottro and it is quite easy to eat.


Big scissors are attached to "Dongurinko beef stew".

Bread is easy to eat if you soak in the stew while small with this scissors.


Soak the bread and eat the lid.

This stew is not so cold and you can eat it hot.

The heat retention effect of bread is amazing.


I finished eating the lid, I'm worried about how to eat next.

If you eat stew, bread will remain.

Let's go ahead and take off the bread wall with scissors.

It's a defeat of beef stew!

After this, I went on eating while taking down the side wall.

Although the stew was able to eat completely, the bottom of the bread was not eaten to the amount of bread much> _ <

What a surprise, it was a shop full of mega. But the beef stew was delicious ^ ^


As the name implies, there are also terrace seats, so it was a very relaxing space.

As there were sweets including cake as well as meal, it is shop recommended for break of Oku Tama drive (^ ^)

I want to read it together


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