Web service "town quest" to solve mystery with smartphone [quest compilation]

Web service "Machi Quest" that solves the mystery with a smartphone.

Let's actually make a quest this time! There is a recommended quest creation method!

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Web service was started on 7 month after the rainy season, and "Town Quest" has been introduced as "Introduction" and "Practice" even in Tokyo Walkpo. In the practice version, I have actually made a quest with Ms. Ishihara, the developer ^ ^

Challenge the city quiz with your smartphone! Introduction to "Machi Quest" | Tokyo Walkpo

Machi Quest [Practice] developer Takuya Ishihara and interview Sanpo |

This time is a quest compilation. Let's actually make a quest. Way of enjoying "town quest" spreads more when we make quest ^ ^

A smartphone is required to clear the quest, but there are two ways to make a quest, either by making it locally with a smartphone or by making it home with a PC.

This time, I will introduce how to make a quest created from my recommended PC.

At first we make quest

First, consider the quest.

If you walk around the city like a walk or a trip while you are in a quest, take two pictures.


Photos that will give you tips on making issues

"Machi Quest" answers by entering numbers.

You can often see plates like the ones in the city's historical sites and historic buildings.

Let's take one picture of this picture first.

thisKodaira hometown villageThe old Kodaira Ogawa post office in Tokyo is "What was moved and restored in Heisei ○ year?" "What was erected in Meiji ○ year?" "What kind of street in Ogawamachi?" Problem is considered.

The person who solves the quest can also use this plate as a hint ^ ^


Take a picture of the quest feature

Let's take a picture of the "quest object" required when creating a quest. If it is a building, the appearance photograph is easy to understand. Take a photo of unknown answer while being a hint.

I took 2 photos. It is OK if there are these two to make a quest.

Make your quests slowly after you return home.

Screenshot 2013-08-04 13.14.23

↑ From here from your home PCTown questAccess to and make quests.

Click "Create a quest" to get this screen.

From the top "Quest Title"

"Quest Problem Content"

Enter "Answer (numeric only)".

OK with or without tags.

It is also interesting to put "place name", "gourmet" and "history" etc ^ ^

If the location of the quest is open for business hours and entrance fees such as shops and facilities, put a note in the "Notices".

"Photo" contains the eye catch photo of the quest. Let's upload the exterior picture of the building taken earlier.

Screenshot 2013-08-04 13.14.54

最後 Finally, identify the detailed location of the quest on the map.

Once you've entered everything, click the "Create" button and you're done!

Screenshot 2013-08-04 13.33.30

↑ New up quest has been uploaded ^ ^

The continuation of the problem becomes a mechanism that can not be seen unless it is within 100m of the quest place.

It's like this and it's easy to create quests, so make sure to make quests and see them in your local area or travel destination!

Consider the quest problem pattern

Since the town quest answers with numbers, it is easiest to use the current year as the answer, but it would be nice if there were a variety of problems as well. So I thought about other patterns of quest problems.

・ System to count

A pattern that answers the number of stairs and the number of quest objects.

・ 3 options

Pattern to make number answer in 3 choice questions

・ Mystery solving system

A puzzle solving system that has been thought out. The degree of difficulty is high, but it is interesting if such quests increase ^ ^

You may be able to create quests of various patterns just by changing your mindset a little.

"City quest" that is fun not only solving but making

Please try it by all means 1 (^ ^)

Town Quest-Let's go solve the mystery on your smartphone!

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