Okinawa tavern at Inada Tsutsumi (Weekly Tokyo stroller 7 / 29)

This week's video

I went to swimming pool WAI of Yomiuri Land. The video is a gondola connecting Yomiuri Land from Keio Yomiuri Land Station. Yomiuri Land is on the top of the mountain, and the Yomiuri Giants's Second Army Grand is on the way, and you can get a magnificent image.

Here is a video of the return.

The popular summer roller coaster "splash banded" was a great force. (I have not been riding ^ ^;)


This week's windless original painting exhibition

I got a ticket from a photowalk fellow, so I went to the "Windless Original Art Exhibition" held in Ikebukuro Seibu. The image board, character settings, background art, etc. were quite impressive. The original exhibition will be held on the following date.

・ 2013 year 7 month 20 day (Saturday)-7 month 29 day (Monday) Seibu Ikebukuro head office Annex 2 floor Seibu Gallery
・ 2013 year 8 month 7 day (Wednesday) to 8 month 13 day (Tue) Sogo Yokohama store 8 floor special venue
・ 2013 year 8 month 15 day (Thursday)-8 month 26 day (Monday) Seibu Tokorozawa store 7 floor event hall
・ 2013 year 12 month 19 day (Thursday)-2014 year 1 month 19 day (Sunday) Nagashima Museum of Art (Kagoshima Prefecture)
・ 2014 year 1 month 25 day (Saturday)-3 month 2 day (day) Yokoyama Ryuichi Memorial Mangakan (Kochi Prefecture)

I would like to watch a movie again this summer.


This week's Okinawa tavern "Funaya"

I went to Okinawa tavern "Funaya" in Inada Tsutsumi with my wife-in-law's friend couple.
A tavern from Okinawan cuisine run by the generals of Okinawa from 31.

The appearance is an ordinary tavern, but after all Okinawa dishes made by the locals are delicious ^ o ^


Goya Chanpuru (XNUM X yen)

Bitter gourd was grown at the storefront ^ ^


Okinawa mozuku vinegar (XNUM X yen)

I love mozuku (^. ^)


Rough tee (550 yen)

Soft-boiled pork (^. ^)
Delicious ^ o ^


Mimigar (400 yen)
The pig's ear-it's delicious and delicious!


Soba is souki soba (XNUM X yen)
Add Okinawa pepper (koreuseusu) and choi spicy Okinawa soba!
I want to eat every day!


Okinawa folk song is hangingLast year's Okinawa tripAs I remembered, I had a relaxing time.
I want to go again ^ ^

This week's fitbit one

Fitbit7: 29

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