Survive with nuts & fruit granola in the hot summer

The rainy season was over in no time, and finally it became summer production.
If it is so hot, you will not get an appetite, but if you do not eat breakfast well, you may end up in summer.
I would like to introduce you to the recently purchased nutty fruit granola, which can be easily fed even on a busy morning.

Flugla containing 3 nuts and 10 fruits

There are many types of fruit granola recently, but this fruit granola is a slightly extravagant fruit granola with 3 nuts and 10 dried fruits.

If you look inside, it contains 3 raisins, pineapples, papayas, melons, strawberries and dried mangoes, as well as coconuts and prunes, so that iron and minerals can be firmly replenished ^ ^

Nuts contain almonds, walnuts and cashew nuts 3 varieties, are rich in vitamins, dietary fiber, minerals such as zinc, and reduce bad cholesterol, which also helps prevent constipation.

Women are also good at preventing summer anemia ^ ^

Nuts and dried fruits are finely sliced ​​and so easy to eat.

Milking gives you the natural sweetness of the fruit. It was also great to eat with yogurt.

The ratio of nuts and fruits is more than half of the total weight (about 55%)!


Acai bowl over the instant Acai bowl!

Recent favoritesI introduced beforeI eat acai juice over the whole bowl.

Acai is expected to have many effects such as immune system improvement, fatigue recovery, blood pressure suppression, anemia prevention, etc. Super fruit which is eaten as a health food in Brazil. If you put that acai juice on full gras, it is likely to prevent summer fatigue and summer fatigue.
This is recommended!

It is predicted that this summer will be extremely hot, but even if it is a busy morning, let's eat well and survive the summer!

Seijo Ishii Acai Grosso 1000g
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