The calorie display function is added to the life log app "Moves"

The life log app for iPhone "Moves" that the step count and action record of the day can be understood just by putting this application is updated this time!

The long-awaited calorie display has been added (* ^ ^ *)

Added calorie display function!

Speaking of the iPhone application "Moves" automatically record the number of steps and distance. It is a life log application that you can easily check the records you act on the map. It was introduced in this entry before.

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It has been updated this time and it is now possible to count calories!

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設定 It will be introduced because the setting is easy.
First, let's tap the setting button on the lower right of the main screen. It is a mark of the gear.


↑ Change the second item "Carories" from OFF to ON because the setting screen is displayed.


↑ Then on this screen.
Let's just tap "Set up".


↑ Enter the item.
Gender (male) male (male) female (female)
Height (height)
Enter each and press Done in the upper right to complete the settings!


↑ If you look at it immediately, walking, running, cycling and the calorie display according to the item are also displayed.

The number of steps → distance → calorie and display change every time you tap.

Yeah, this is pretty (-∀ ·) good !!


↑ You can see the degree of exercise by day or week.

At the time of dieting, just looking at this will increase your awareness ^ ^


Looking at the introductory page of the app ち Chinami suggests that there is an app that works closely with "Moves".

Is it also cooperation with the wearable gadget of no wonder? You should watch out for future developments!

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