【Sacred Sakuragaoka】 A stamp rally over the sacred place of “Hear the ear”

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This time, we will guide you to Seiho Sakuragaoka. A guide map and the monument of the building that came out in the theater are in front of this station where the Ghibli movie “Hears you down”.

We have taken a stamp rally for visiting the location area, climbing the hills full of nature.


In the morning glory market, the "youth post" is also opened once a year

This day is the day before Tanabata.

At Asakusa Sakuragaoka Station, the annual morning glory market and the Furusato Tama Summer Festival were held.


In front of the station, the morning glory of the XNUM X bowl is in a row! It is spectacular to line up only this ^ ^

Remember the morning market city of Iriya ~ ^ ^


A morning glory colored in red, blue and purple. Most were sold for a bowl 1,500 yen!


The Ghibli movie "If you listen" has a model location guide map of the Ghibli movie on the west exit square where the beautiful morning glory spreads.

Such a production is unbearable to the fans ^ ^


Next to the guide map is a monument called "The Youth Post" shaped like an "Earth store" that appears in the movie.


This post is not a postbox, but a post that watches youth.

It is a post where you can write your dreams and goals on the card and submit it, and if you have a dream come true, you will want to spell it and submit it again. Local Sakuragaoka Store Association and fan's volunteers set up last spring.

Yes, great ^ ^ dreams and goals in the direction you will be aware if you write and spell yourself, by posting this post in front of this post or "if you listen" movie It will also be a reminder when you see ^ ^

If you think this idea, it is quite deep ~


What do you think,This day was a part of the morning glory market event, and it was the day of "Opening" once a year, which can be seen in the "youth post" only for this day.What happens in the monuments?


The back of the post is removed and you can see the opening from the back.

Bookshelf decorated on the back, clock. Expectations are rising!


Turning to the other side, the furniture and chairs are reproduced in miniature in the interior of the Earth shop! it's amazing!

I got permission to take a picture ^ ^

In the lower row, the wishes submitted to the youth post were strictly stored. I hope everyone's wishes come true.


The miniatures are very elaborate, with a violin on the desk by the window!

During the play, I wonder if the junior high school student (Seiji Amazawa) who aims for the violin craftsman who the main character (Akira Tsukishima) falls in love ^ ^


The vases and accessories placed on the table are also fine!

The texture of the wood of the rocking chair is also beautifully reproduced.


Books and glasses are on the desk in front of the window. There was a scene where the master of the Earth shop read the novel written by the main character.

It was precious "openness" once a year that local people can not see easily

Now, let's go for a stamp rally walk that will actually walk the stage of "If you listen"!


First of all, get a stamp rally map.

As for the map, go up to the second floor with this escalator outside Keio Store 1st floor on the back left side where the guide map is set.


When you go upstairs, enter the entrance of Keio Seisho Sakuragaoka Shopping Center A and enter on the right.


A stamp stand is placed like this. There is a map for the stamp rally in the file below!


Here is the map of the stamp rally. It is the same model as the guide map which was next to the post of youth a while ago ^ ^

Here, we will collect 3 stamps, including the Shogaki Sakuragaoka station square stamp!


Please note that the third Noah pastry shop is closed on Sundays, holidays, and New Year holidays!

(The stamp installation time of Noah pastry shop is from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm)


First of all, let's leave for the stamp rally by pressing the first stamp "Seiseki no sage Sakuragaoka Station" here.

It is about one way 1.5km, but it is recommended to go with clothes and shoes that are easy to move because it climbs the hills.

NEXT: On the next page, we will finally depart for the ear stamp stamp rally!


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