I have participated in the Kentucky fan certification ceremony & tasting party!

My favorite part is Munes than legs! Tokyo stroller (@tokyosanpopo) (^ ^ ゞ

This time "Kentucky fried chicken"I have joined the fan meeting!

I have reaffirmed the deliciousness of Kentucky while looking at the original chicken and dry chicken of this summer best season with everyone of the Kentucky fans (^ O ^)

Certified Kentucky Fan Certification Ceremony & Tasting Event

A Kentucky-like blogger named XNUM has gathered at Ebisu Japan's Kentucky Fried Chicken Inc. headquarters. This room is a facility for training new employees and for training by FC owners.

First of all, the official recognition of the Kentucky official fan ^ ^ Some of the fans who came from Nagasaki Prefecture how well.


I also received a good official Kentucky Fan Certificate! Thank you (^ O ^)

Speaking of Kentucky, familiar kernel uncle and kernel sanders.After the age of 65, we founded Kentucky Fried Chicken. The fried chicken served at the restaurant that served the driver himself when he ran the gas station became the cornerstone of the Kentucky Fried Chicken. It was a hardship person ~.

By the way, Kernel Sanders's "kernel" is a title given from Kentucky. The kernel means "Col." So kernel uncle translates straightly, "Uncle Colonel?" ^ ^;

Let's call uncle Sanders next time ^ ^

The official video of Kentucky shows where Uncle Sanders of the day comes to fry chicken.

Soaking chicken in milk and sprinkled with 11 herbs and spices formulated in our own research and raising it with a pressure cooker hasn't changed since its inception.You can really see how perfect the dish was.

The kitchen is covered with glass at the Tokyo Dome City Lacua store in Korakuen, which opened this month, so I can actually watch cooking in the near future ^ ^ I want to go here!

"Sogood" experience store Tokyo Dome City Lacua Store | Kentucky Fried Chicken

Well, finally it is a tasting party. You can see the original chicken stuffed into the party barrel, and the "Sesame and Yamakaki Bukkake Chicken" limited to this summer.

There is no reason not to go up the tension by watching the party barrel!


Side menu coleslaw and handy salad.

I always ask for coleslaw if I think Kentucky is delicious for 1 (^. ^)

Handy salad is wrapped in vegetables such as lettuce in tortillas and served with salsa sauce. It looks delicious if eaten with chicken (^ o ^)


This summer's limited edition "Sesame and yam dumpling chicken" that fragrant smell comes


From the appearance and the name, it seems to be extremely hot, but I can not feel the texture of moderate hotness and sasaksaku (^ O ^)


There is no problem if you eat it while putting in a bag.
Can you eat and walk with this?

It is fried chicken that I want to eat in hot summer.


Here is the original fried chicken.

Raw meat of domestic herb chicken is delivered to each store and cooked every day. After all, domestic security is not just one.


I like what I call this breast (keel) ~ (^ O ^) with less bones, I can eat almost.

When I looked at this site, I did not know that there are 5 parts, and I learned a lot.

【Easy to understand】 Kentucky part names and taste of each chicken – NAVER Summary

This chocolate biscuit is also a new product, a dish with plenty of chocolate and a lot of chocolate sauce.

A good biscuit for snacks.


I slightly failed to decorate ^ ^; It is quite sweet, so you can get a feeling of fullness even with this alone. The normal biscuits with maple syrup are also delicious ^ ^

After a quick tasting, each group gave a presentation on what they hoped to do in Kentucky.

Kentucky has many rewarding occasions to eat at Christmas and birthday events.

On the contrary, if you buy it as a souvenir, it will raise the tension by itself, and it will be a little surprise ^ ^

I felt like a "special dish" where everyone smiles at any occasion.

We had a fan meeting in an instant and had a good time. The enthusiasm of the fans was also overwhelmed. Thank you everyone who participated!

Now that I checked the HP 7 Mon XNUM X (Thu) XNUM X (Fri) XNUM X only. You will also see "so good" smiles all over Japan!

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