[Tokorozawa Sanpo] I walk Totoro forest from Sayama lakeside

This walk is Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture.

I walked from "Totoro Forest", which is also said to be the stage model for the Ghibli movie "My Neighbor Totoro" from Sayama Lake.This time, I will walk through a mixed forest called “Totoro Forest” from Seibu Stadium Station, Sayama Fudoson, passing Sayama Lake, ^ ^

Seibu Stadium Station

Start from Seibu Stadium Station!

Seibu Dome

We start from Seibu baseball ground station this time!

I have come to Seibu Dome for the first time in a while. Since high school student quiz ^ ^;

Sayama Fudoson

First of all, go to Sayama Fudoson, which is near from the Seibu Dome.

This is a shallow temple that was built in 1975.

Seibu Dome from the front of the gate

You can see the Seibu Dome from the front of the gate.

Every year, Saitama Seibu Lions seem to pray for victory here ^ ^

Speak a bell with Sayama Fudoson

Here you can also make a change and get a bell.

Because I can rarely experience it, my daughter-in-law rang loudly ^^

Sayama Lake came to be seen as Dawn

When I walked through Sayama Fudoson, I saw Sayama Lake as a dunes.

This is Prefectural Sayama Nature Park. Wide and fresh! It is important to look at such scenery.

Sayama lake

Sayama Lake, which is also a water bottle in Tokyo. This is also selected as one of the dam lake selections.

There were people jogging, people taking walks with dogs, people cycling, and everyone having a pleasant holiday.

Panoramic picture of Sayama lake

Here is a panoramic photo of the other side of Sayama Lake.

This road is on the dike.

Clover flower

Various flowers were also blooming. Is this a clover flower?

Clover flower

The azalea was clean when I went down the dike. There were many bees and tried close-up, but all failed ^ ^;

The sky is wide when looking up from the bottom of the dike road

Looking up from the bottom of the dike road just before, the sky is wide! Many families were also able to come.

Well, after this, I went to Satoyama. I will go to "Totoro Forest"!

NEXT: On the next page, we finally infiltrate the Totoro Forest!

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