[Kokubunji] Photo walk in the Tenga Tani Garden

This time I was worried about beforeWe have had a photo walk at "Tomogaya Garden" in Kokubunji City.

Before,Koganei SanpoIt was a garden that I was worried about when I did, but I did not enter last time.

It is PEN who joined together this time (@ PEN_PEN_) And Keisuke (@Tokyo Gyango).Both are people whom my husband took care of in the photowalk of the other day ^ ^

The 3rd TOKYO iPhoneographers! Photo Walk in Kiyosumi Garden! (Weekly Tokyo stroller 3 / 18)
Entrance fee was free on this day because it was a green day.(Normal admission fee General X NUM X yen X NUM X years old or older X NUM X yen Elementary school children and less and elementary school students in Tokyo, free of charge for junior high school students)

This garden is a natural terrain of Musashino,A "walking forest fountain garden" that cleverly uses the valleys of the terraced cliffs.One of the highlights is the bright grassland on the cliff, the spring pond under the cliff, and the landscape method that changes the atmosphere in the forest.

It is a picture no matter where you cut it! A wonderful park just for photo walks.

Green, blue sky, healing space will expand

Photos (33)

There is a cute lily of the valley! !

It's fun and fun to take flowers after you start taking pictures! I have never observed it before, but it is cute.

There is also a usual palm threat in the garden ^ ^

There was a loud sound.

The scenery reflected in the water also looks like this.

One favorite picture.

This landscape is the taste of a leisure forest garden that makes good use of the cliffs of this terrace cliff.

There was depth when I looked down from the top, and I was also thrilled as if I came to another world.

A small islet in the middle of the pond. Is it really here in town? Let's make an illusion ^ ^

The pond's moss is also cool.

It looks like looking up from below.

This is a piece I want to call my masterpiece. Lol

Ambo floats in the pond, and the sky cloud looks clear on the water surface and ambo swims in the sky?

It became a fairy tale work.

What is reflected in the middle is Mr. PEN who is crazy and is pushing the shutter.

I also noticed that when I took a picture recently, I was fascinated. In the picture of Amembo mentioned above, I hit a pond on the pond.

Spring water rising with the concon.

There has been water from here since Jomon period ^ ^

It is such an amazing work because it takes a close-up shot.

It is strange that flowers. It's like a small universe.

I feel relieved when I see the bamboo grove.

After all, I'm Japanese.

At the very back of the garden there was a wisteria.

Elegant light purple but beautiful flower ^ ^

^ ^ From the gaps of trees

It was time for a moment. It was such a holiday time that I felt that I wanted to take a photo all day long. * ^ ^ * (Bride)

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Morning 9 when pm 5 time
(Arrive in the afternoon until 4 minutes 30 minutes)
Closed days
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(From 12 month 29 day to next year 1 month 1 day)

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