It was easy and delicious to make bacon egg toast sandwich with a piece of bread

I made a quick breakfast I saw on the Internet a little while ago and it was so easy and so delicious that I will share how to make it.

You can make it in 5 minutes even in a busy morning

The original was the article “Uchi no Momo-chan direct delivery something easy breakfast” and how to make it was clearly written in illustrations ^ ^

The ingredients are 1 loaf of bread, 1 egg, 2 bacon, 1 toro cheese and butter (margarine).

1, cut out bread

Cut out the bread. My bread is frozen so I can cut it crisply with a kitchen knife!


2. Put the portion of the bread in a frying pan and put butter in it and heat over low

Even Margarine is OK! If you use garlic butter, it will be garlic toast.

3, When the butter is completely melted, add eggs

The bread mime blocks the egg and it is well shaped.

4. Put cheese on it toro

The brightness was finalized (^^)

5. Add 2 pieces of bacon on it

It looks good if it is cut in size to fit bread in advance.

6. Put bread on top of it

7. Cover the pan and steam slowly over low heat

If the pan is frozen, the lid will pass quickly.

I like the baking time, but if you want to harden the eggs, steam it for about 2 minutes.

8, turn over and bake

It turned like this when it turned over ^ ^ looks delicious ~

If you want to make the back side crisp, bake a little more in this condition.

When I cut it with a kitchen knife, the cheese is cold ^ ^

feel well!

Seasoning is your choice.

This time I painted ketchup and mustard on one side to make bacon egg toast sandwich!

Put the other on and you're done!

I also like the grilled bread (^ o ^)

The feeling of volume that I can not think that I made it with one sheet of bread! And it was easy to eat and it was surprisingly easy.

It takes so much time to cook the bread in a busy morning, so it can cook in 5 minutes.

Recommended easy breakfast (^ ^ ゞ

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