Special highlights of Tokyo attractions for the invitation of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

A visit by the IOC Evaluation Committee will take place on Monday 3 (Monday) to 4 (Thursday) for the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo, which will be decided in September this year.

During the inspection period, special light-ups will be held in connection with the Olympics at five major attractions in Tokyo (Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Metropolitan Government First Office Building, Tokyo Gate Bridge)!

The special lighting period is as follows.

www.tokyo skytree.jp press upload 201302207_wb

Tokyo Sky Tree

Period March 4 (Mon)-7 (Thu)

Hours 18: 00-23: 00

We will perform a lighting with movement based on the 5 colors (blue, yellow, Edo purple, green, red) used in the invitation logo.

IOC evaluation committee visit to Japan about special lights-up | Tokyo

Tokyo Tower

Period March 4 (Mon)-7 (Thu)

Time "Diamond Vale" lighting time 20:00 to 22:00
"2020 window letter" lighting time 16:00-22:00 (only one side towards Odaiba lights)

The blue, green, red, yellow and 4 diamond veil lights up, and the large observation deck seen in black produces 5 colors. In addition, the window letters of 2020 displayed on the Odaiba side of the Great Observatory also light in blue, green, red and yellow XNUM colors.

IOC evaluation committee visit to Japan Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge

Period March 4 (Mon)

Hours 18:00-24:00 (※ It may not be implemented in stormy weather.)

Rotation light up in the order of blue 黄 yellow 紫 purple 緑 green 赤 red (interval of 1 minutes)

Visit to the IOC Evaluation Committee
Tokyo Metropolitan Government First Office Building

Period March 4 (Mon)-7 (Thu)

Hours 18: 00-23: 00

Light up the wall from the 8 floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government First Office Building and the high-rise part (Twin tower section) from the 43 floor to 4 colors (blue, yellow, green, red).

IOC Evaluation Committee visit to Japan Gate Bridge

Tokyo Gate Bridge

Period March 1 (Fri)-10 (Sun)

Time Sunset to 24:00

A special light up that images the Olympics with the XNUM color consisting of light blue, platinum, bellflower, new green and vermilion with LED color lighting continuously installed on the side of the bridge.

It is not common for spots representing Tokyo to dye Olympic colors. I would like Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree to go on weekends if possible ^ ^

TOKYO XNUM CANDIDATE CITY | 2020, Olympic Paralympic Games in Japan!

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