At Yahoo! Travel Grand Thanksgiving, a “Full lot return lottery” with a PayPay bonus light of up to 10 million yen is being held!

I love traveling, it is a Tokyo stroller!

Yahoo! Travel is available from 2019 year 11 month 25 day (Monday) to 12 month 8 day (Sunday).Yahoo! Travel Great ThanksgivingIs being held. PayPay bonus light equivalent to the payment price (up to 10 10,000 yen) is returned when making a reservation for Yahoo! ) “Lottery that returns the full amount” is in progress.

SoftBank Waimoba users can draw lots of 3 times

"Full lottery returning lottery" is eligible for lottery reservations for Yahoo! Plans and Yahoo! Packs (reservations for online card payments with a coupon payment of 5,000 or more, excluding coupons and immediate use). In the Yahoo Awards, PayPay bonus light equivalent to the payment amount (up to 10 10,000 yen) is granted.

In JAL Award / ANA Award (each 3 book), JAL domestic round-trip air ticket or ANA travel ticket (10 10,000 yen) will be awarded!

By the way, Yahoo! JAPAN's normal ID is 1 times,Yahoo! Premium memberIf it is 2 times, SoftBank or Ymobile users can pull 3 times!

There are other coupons and discounted time sales that can save up to 16,000 yen, so why not use it for New Year holidays?

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