Shibuya Scramble Square opens in 11 / 1! The observation area SHIBUYA SKY (Shibuya Sky) requires an online ticket reservation (only during 11 month)

Shibuya scramble square

From the Shibuya Scramble Square official website

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A new landmark in Shibuya that is 47 above the ground and is approximately 230m in height (the highest peak in the Shibuya area)Shibuya scramble square”Opened on Friday, 2019 month 11 year. In the observation areaSHIBUYA SKY”Requires an advance reservation from the web only during 11 month.

Indoor observation facility “SHIBUYA SKY” on the 14, 45, and 46 floors

SHIBUYA SKY floor image

The indoor viewing facility “SHIBUYA SKY” has 14 floors from “SKY GATE” on the 45 floor to the 46 floor, “SKY STAGE” on the rooftop observation space, and “SKY GALLERY (3 floor)” on the indoor observation corridor. It consists of zones. On the 46 floor, a cafe and bar “Paradise Lounge” and a souvenir shop will open.

Shibuya scramble square

On the rooftop `` SKY STAGE '' there are also `` SKY EDGE '' where you can look down at the Shibuya scramble intersection, `` CLOUD HAMMOCK '' where you can lie down and look at the sky, `` CROSSING LIGHT '' where the searchlight 18 stands in the night sky, etc. It looks like you can see Tokyo from somewhere in Shibuya.

11 monthly admission tickets must be booked online

SHIBUYA SKY entrance ticket fee (tax included)

WEB ticket (ticket reservation)Window ticket (only on the day ticket)
Sales start date and time
How to buyOfficial website14 floor ticket counter
Purchase dateOn the day ticket only
Adult (18 or older)1,800 yen2,000 yen
Junior and senior high school students1,400 yen1,600 yen
Elementary school students900 yen1,000 yen
Infant (3 to 5 years old)500 yen600 yen
Less than 3 ageFree downloadFree download


WEB tickets will start accepting reservations on the 2 day of the month before 1 months, but it is important to note that no tickets will be sold on the same day during the month of 11.

With the completion of Shibuya Scramble Square, the centerpiece of Shibuya redevelopment, it seems undoubtedly the city of Shibuya will change dramatically!

SHIBUYA SKY Facility Overview

Opening Date: XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day (Fri)
Floor: 14 floor (ticket counter), 45 floor / 46 floor (indoor viewing facilities * including souvenir shops, cafes & bars), rooftop (top view space)
Height: About 230m above the ground
Business area: Rooftop observation space about 2,500㎡, indoor observation facility about 3,000㎡

Closed days: Open all year round * There is a possibility of temporary closure
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