We want to eat limited quantity "Yakaii no corn" next summer

Hello, this is Tokyo walk baggage.

The corn just arrived from “Odai-cho, Mie Prefecture” that I visited once a year since 3 years ago. This is sweet and delicious (^^)

Limited quantity "Yaoi no corn"

This is the "Yakaii corn" from Odaimachi. It seems that it is a popular product that has a low production volume and is sold out immediately after it arrives at the roadside station “Oku Ise Odai” in the town.

When you open the cardboard with the corn illustration printed on it ...!

I just harvested it! There were 8 books with fresh peeled corn.

When I peeled the corn peel and beard, I found corn with light yellow grains inside. I want to eat now!

Refer to the booklet that comes with the corn for how to eat it. In the past, I used to boil them in a pot, but now I can easily heat them in the range. It's very kind, with detailed instructions and time.

[How to eat (some excerpts)]

The best recommendation is to peel off the skin a little and heat it for 500 in the 5W microwave without wrapping. In order to avoid heating unevenness, 1 books will be sweet and juicy corn.


I ’ll have the corn of Yaikii!

That ’s why I ’ll have “Yaoi no corn”! The color is so vivid just by lending! !

Yaikoi's corn, grown with abundant organic fertilizer and reduced pesticides, has a high sugar content and is so sweet! Despite the crunchy texture, each grain was succulent, and even in the midsummer when the appetite disappeared, I ate everything in no time.

I want to eat more! I thoughtSales siteIf you take a peek, this year is already sold out.Next year (2020) will be available from late 5 to early 6So, I registered a reminder for next year's calendar.

One more summer fun (^^ ♪

I want to read it together

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