Fireworks event of QUEEN will be held in Osaka, Urayasu, Miyazaki in XNUM X month! Music fireworks from 11 launch in line with famous songs

QUEEN SUPER FIREWORKS ~ night sky Rapsody ~

“Bohemian Rhapsody” has become the biggest hit movie of 2018.
A music fireworks event for all seats with pay and reserved seats combining "QUEEN's music" and "Fireworks" that Japan boastsQUEEN SUPER FIREWORKS ~ night sky Rapsody ~"Will be held in Osaka, Urayasu, Miyazaki in XNUM X months!

8 Mon 2 Day (Friday) Advance pre-sale tickets (lottery) have started and I want to go.

world's first! Fireworks from 13,000 dance with songs from QUEEN

Recently, there are many fireworks events synchronized to music, but this event is the world's first event that fireworks from 13,000 synchronize with non-stop over about 1 time for a long time along with many queen songs It will be.

Fireworks is a considerable volume of 1 nonstop time!

I also pay attention to the selection of songs that seem to fit with "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Don't Stop Me Now" and fireworks.


Comments from QUEEN members!

Of course this event is Queen's official approval. For the event, Brian May of the guitar and Roger Taylor of the drum have also made the following comments:

Brian May's comment"For Japan we are a special country for QUEEN. I'm thrilled to imagine launching such fireworks with traditional Japanese culture on our songs. There will be performances coming to Japan in XNUM X, and many more. It would be nice if we could enjoy our music in situations.I also want to go see it. "

Brian MayIn 2020, we will be coming back to Japan for a tour so it's great that there are many opportunities for Japan, we have very exciting to hear that the traditional firework will light up the sky with our music. I wish I can be there to see it!

Roger Taylor's comment"I was the first to accept the queen in Japan. I was surprised at that reaction when I first came to Japan. It was like a fireworks when I think about it now. It's the best to see fireworks in the sky, and it's going to be a lot of fireworks this year, and it's going to be a show at our show in the new year!

Roger Taylor"I was very surprised to see the reactions for the fans when I first came to Japan. It was almost like a firework. It's been XNUM X years since then and it's great that there is Hope you enjoy the Queen fireworks this year and our tour next year! ”

2020 Year 1 The queen who has decided to come to Japan on the Japan Tour "QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT-THE RHAPSODY TOUR".

"Open in XNUM X"QUEEN SUPER FIREWORKS ~ night sky Rapsody ~"It's going to be a little early celebration celebration fireworks event to celebrate their visit to Japan!

QUEEN SUPER FIREWORKS ~ night sky Rapsody ~

Date and time (site):

  • 2019 year 11 month 3 day (Sunday / holiday) Osaka, Maishima Sports Island Taiyo no Hiroba (18: 00-19: 00 scheduled * Cancelled in case of stormy weather)
  • 2019 year 11 month 16 day (Saturday) Urayasu City General Park (18: 30 (scheduled to start) * postponed the next day during stormy weather)
  • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day (Saturday) Miyazaki waterfront park Sun Marina Miyazaki multipurpose open space (XNUM X: X NUM X start * Rainy weather going on (cancelled in stormy weather))

※ It is paid seat of all seats designation. Please check the official website for ticket prices.

11 / 3 Osaka 11 / 16 Urayasu 11 / 30 Miyazaki

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