Tokyo city walk tour project "Braz Tokyo Sanpo" started accepting from 8 / 22

Town walk tour project in Tokyo for tourists from home and abroadBuraku Tokyo Sanpo

Town walk tour is released from XNUM X month X NUM X day

This is a project where Rakuten Travel and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Tourism Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the Tokyo Tourism Foundation) formed a tag.

In the city walk tour, guides familiar with each area are accompanied, and while walking around the city on foot, you can learn the history and culture of the land, touch the cityscape and nature, and taste the gourmet and special products .

The special site includes 47 courses (including English tours) with themes of history, culture, nature, and food.

  • Tsukiji off-site market "Tsukiji fish bank" becomes Dori
  • Nihonbashi Honcho area long-established tour "thing" ≫
  • A town walk in the puppet town area and "a braided dragon studio", "a cutting edge thing ぶ"
  • Learn Halal at the Arab Islamic Institute and eat
  • Embassy and modern architecture watching
  • The embassy and slope / alley small walk
  • Touring Koishikawa Korakuen and its surrounding gardens
  • Yushima, Hongo, Edo's Water Sanpo-Follow the Channel of the Suidobashi from Ochanomizu
  • World Cultural Heritage National Museum of Western Art and Tokyo Cultural Center Guided Tour
  • Mukojima Literature Walk ~ Seek literary people related to Mukojima
  • Shinagawa hotel teasing town walk ~ adult holiday Tavern & racecourse experience tour
  • Tour of Tokaido Shinagawa hotel history & gourmet walk souvenir shop
  • Touch cultural assets and sweets on fashionable town Jiyugaoka
  • Komaba town walk-from Meiji to Deor
  • We know town of craftsman of Ota! Town tour, factory tour
  • Showa Retro Sanpo & Ota Business Tourism Exhibition in Shibata-Public Bath, Stores, Rooftop Amusement Park-
  • Setagaya small Kyoto "Koyamajicho" in the autumn-Mini-kaiseki-bento lunch-
  • Futako Tamagawa Green Walk "Waterside Yoga & Hara Tea Seats"
  • Town where rich greenery and history, culture breathe, walk around Seijo-Visit the architecture of Kokubunji cliff line Midori and Seijo ...
  • Takao mountain hiking in the fall production
  • From Otsumizu to Mt. Takao in autumn
  • Musashino Walking Tour-Musashino no Mori Depart from Sustainable Tourism-Course A "Musashino Temple & Shrine Tour"
  • Musashino / Walking Tour-Musashino no Mori Departure from Sustainable Tourism-Course B "Travel beyond the time and space-Musashino"
  • Musashino Walking Tour-Musashino no Mori Depart from Sustainable Tourism-Course C "Hokkorinono River Trip"
  • We understand the later of Snow Woman! Ome Yokai Legend Play Tour
  • Visit the back of Tokyo Racecourse and its historic sites where you can not usually enter
  • Let's go to Akishima with the camera! A town where nature and art are photographed with the photographer Mr. Kuwahara
  • Explore the city of Chofu where Mizuki Manga was born! Gegege 忌 XNUM X Callan Colon Walking
  • Enjoy the trail of Ms. Masako Hakushima, the village of Miwa
  • Art exploration of the university and Musashimi school related to Tsuda Umeko of Niigami
  • Seibu Tamako Line-Touring the Disappeared Station
  • Touring the original scenery of Tamagawa Josui, wildfires and Musashino
  • In search of national healing: Zazen experience and old folk house restaurant & harvest experience guide walk
  • Yagawa green space (petit Oze) and Takinogawa Gakuen & Satoyama tour guide walk
  • Tenmangu (National Treasure) ・ A history of over a thousand years and green university college & kiwi experience

There is a pretty, maniac tour too!
"Shinagawa hotel twilight town walk-adult holiday pub & race course experience tour" and "World Cultural Heritage National Western Art Museum and Tokyo Cultural Center guided tour" also enjoy (^ ^)

As an opening event on 8 Mon XNUM Day, a talk session event will also be held by Shinsei Maezono, a former Japanese national soccer player, and Natsumi Uga, a free announcer, at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya Atrium (22 floor). (View is prior application ・ XNUM X people (lottery))

Postscript: Click here for the opening event!

“Burbu Tokyo Sanpo” is now open! What is the recommended Tokyo walk tour chosen by Maesono Maesono and Natsumi Uga?

Buraku Tokyo Sanpo

Location: Tokyo

Participation fee: Depends on the tour
Number of tours listed: XNUM X courses (including English tours) on the subject of history, culture, nature, gourmet etc.
Site language: Japanese, English
Organized by: Tokyo and the Tokyo Tourism Foundation
Official website:

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