"Blur budget mXNUM" touch & try repo! What is the strength of the strongest water wiping robot that can cooperate with Roomba?

I robot fan program members limited "change the common sense of cleaning" secret fan meeting

Hi, I'm in Tokyo!

This time, the latest model of floor cleaning robot released on 2019 year 7 month 26, participating in the secret robot meeting limited to “I change the common sense of cleaning” for I robot fan program members onlyBlur budget m6I asked about the details of Since there was also a touch and try, I will tell in detail including it!

About iRobot

iRobot's Brava Series

First of all, about iRobot (eye robot).
Speaking of iRobot (eye robot), cleaning robot "rumuba" is super famous.

Founded in Boston, USA, iRobot will start with 3 next year with a company launched under the XNUM name, including Colin Angle (CEO) who studied robotics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In addition to cleaning robots, it is a company that develops robots that are useful for people working around the world.

Floor cleaning robot "Blur budget m6"

Floor cleaning robot "Blur budget m6"

Meanwhile, 2019 year 7 month 26 was released on the day "Blur budget m6"IsA new history of "clean up" starts.It is a floor cleaning robot that has evolved anew enough to add a catch phrase.

Features of floor cleaning robot "Blur budget m6"

The main features are

  • Clean the floor of the house and clean it
  • I will leave the floor sticky
  • Get smarter with the mapping function

The feature of 3 has been raised. Let's look in more detail.


Maximum X NUM X tatami! I will wipe the water all over the house!

Floor cleaning robot "Blur budget m6" wipes water up to 60 tatami

The "Blur budget m6" can wipe the water up to the maximum size of 60 tatami!

This is also 6 times the "Buraba XNUM Xj" released this year in 390. Even in a large house, it seems to me clean all over.

Cleaning pad for floor cleaning robot "Blur budget m6"

This is a cleaning pad for blur budget m6 only.

There is one for water and for wiping, and the white on the front is a disposable wet pad and dry pad. The back gray is a washable pad that can be used for washing.

Cleaning pad the blur budget m6

How to attach is so easy to touch the pad so one touch.

Take out the tank of blur budget m6

Water for wiping water Take out the tank in Buraba,

Fill the tank of the blur budget m6

Setting is complete if you put water there. This is also easy.

Blur budget m6 launch

Press the button to start wiping water!

Jet spray water and proceed

Blur budget mXNUM jet spray

拭 Wipe the water with a jet spray in the area where the blur budget m6 advances, and then go over it and wipe the water.

Here's a touch and try wiping the floor with cranberry juice spilled. The sound is overwhelmingly quiet compared to "Rumba"!

The cranberry juice is very sticky and dark, but you can see that the blur budget m6 is completely clean after being wiped with water.

Some parts, such as left-to-be-cleaned, moved to every corner of the desk carefully after this video, and it was clean!

Cleaning pad cleaned by blur budget m6

The wet pad after blowing is here!

The juice is absorbed firmly in the back of the pad, so it won't be like spreading the juice on the floor with a water wipe. It will press and wipe the floor firmly with the weight (6 kg) of the blur budget m2.2 and the weight of water.

Blur budget m6 also senses steps

Furthermore, the blur budget m6 is also equipped with a camera, so it does not detect a step in advance and fall. Even if you use it on the 2 floor, you will not fall off the stairs.

Automatically return to the home base to charge

The blur budget m6 automatically returns to the home base and charges

The previous Buraba had no home base to be a charger, but now it has a home base. After cleaning, it will automatically return and charge you.

Home of blur budget m6

Rumba returns to the home base from the front, but the blur budget m6 reverses once and then enters backwards, but the appearance to go home while frustrating the butt was very cute (^ ^)

Get smarter with ImprintTM Smart Mapping

ImprintTM smart mapping for blur budget m6

It seems that it will take a while for the first time, but since the room layout will be learned with the "ImprintTM Smart Mapping" function and cleaned up with the best pattern, cleaning it a few times will make the room efficiently in a short time Will patrol you.

With the app, you can decide when to clean, so you can have your family clean up while you're out of the house.

You can create a border on a room on the app and not clean some areas, or even change the amount of jet spray water, so you can customize it to your liking even when you are out!

The blur budget m6 supports dual virtual walls

By the way, it is not included in the blur budget m6, but it also supports dual virtual walls attached to Roomba etc., so it is possible to limit the cleaning of some areas without using the app.

Linking Rumba and Buraba with ImprintTM Link

Linking Rumba and Buraba with ImprintTM Link

An even more significant feature is the ImprintTM Link, which combines Roomba and Buraba.

If this is used, Brava will start after the Roomba 900 series has been cleaned.

It is now possible to continue cleaning → water cleaning! This is too useful!

Specification table of Buraba series

Specification table of Buraba series (blur budget m6)

Finally, check the specifications table of the Buraba series.

The blur budget m6 has high specs in all compared to the previous Brava. If you live in a large house, it is a model you want to recommend in particular.

If you would like to recommend a blur budget m6 for "〇", how would you recommend it?

Lastly, at the workshop by the event participant, "How do you recommend the blur budget m6 if you recommend it to" 〇? " "I thought.

As a point to be recommended to "gadget enthusiasts" at my table, it is possible to customize according to oneself, "ImprintTM link" which can be linked with Roomba, and linking with other appliances if the API is released. Well then? An opinion also came out ~!

Monitor "Blur Budget m6" for 3 months

Blur budget m6

Members who participated in this event will monitor the "Blur budget m6" introduced for 3 months!

Since there are many flooring rooms in our house, we expect that they will be very active. So, next time I would like to report on the actual use of "blur budget m6" etc.

Floor cleaning robot Brava jet mXNUM | i Robot Official Site-iRobot

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