The "Renge no Gotoku (Renge no Gotoku)", which completely reproduces the bones of the Shibuya "Ajuzuka", is open in 7 / 8. What is the thought of the store manager?

Hello, this is Tokyo walk baggage.

2018 Year 11 A new store that was taken over by the former manager of Asuka, a well-known store on the bones of Sakuragaoka-cho, which was closed while being closed for Shibuya redevelopment.Renge no Gotoku (Renge no Gotoku)"Open in XNUM X X X X X X X X X" This time we have been interviewing the media pre-opening show before the opening!

Renge no Gotoku is an XNUM minute walk from Shibuya Station

Appearance of Renge no Gotoku (Renge no Gotoku)

Cross the footbridge from JR Shibuya Station south exit and walk for 5 minutes.

Open this place where one Sakura Dori is entered.Renge no Gotoku (Renge no Gotoku)"is. We will open in Sakuragaoka-cho, as we did in the previous store "Asuuka". Detailed map is here!

Let's get in.

Inside the shop of Renge no Gotoku (Renge no Gotoku)

Inside the store, only counter seats are 16 seats. The flower of "Renka" which is also the store name welcomes you to the wall.

Ticket vending machine for Renge no Gotoku (Renge no Gotoku)

The order is a meal ticket system. Main menu is almost the same lineup from the time of "Ajuka".

According to Mr. Atom of the store manager, the base is all the same so as to adopt barley three-way pig to the bones!

  • Excavator carrier (XNUM X yen including tax)
  • Chilled bone bone carrier coffin (XNUM X yen tax included)
  • Excreted bones attached to the bones (980 yen including tax)
  • 骨 (XNUM X yen including tax)
  • Cirsch charge staff (XNUM X yen including tax)
  • Chilled pork chopsticks with rice (XNUM X yen incl. Tax)
  • Pork chopsticks (XNUM X yen including tax)
  • Cirche charge staff (XNUM X yen tax included)

There are other items such as chargyu noodles, soy sauce ramen and salt ramen, and toppings such as pakchi and menma are also available on all menus.

Renge no Gotoku (Renge no Gotoku) counter seat

The counter is prepared with white pepper, vinegar, home-made lard oil and a small dish of high pressure. They also lend me paper aprons and hair rubber.

Barley three-way pig

Renge no Gotoku (Renge no gotoku) barley three-way pig bone bone bearing man-made noodles

First of allBarley three-dimensional pig bone bones carrier noodles (XNUM X yen including tax") Arrived! Good smell of sesame seeds (^ ^)

Renge no Gotoku (Renge no gotoku) barley three-way pig bone bones Noodles and rice

You can attach rice for free! This is nice.

Renge no Gotoku (Renge no gotoku) barley three-way pig bone bone Noodles noodles

You will receive!

The noodles are straight noodles using a selection of strong flours, and the firm texture is impressive.

Renge no Gotoku (Renge no gotoku) barley three-dimensional pig bone bones Cone noodle soup

The soup is a soup prepared by adding several kinds of chili peppers to a sesame seed base made from whole chicken, pork ribs, raw fish taken from vegetables, etc. and locally roasted sesame seeds that are taken daily in the store. An excellent soup with plenty of sesame and pungent balance.

Renge no Gotoku (レ ン ゲ ト 大 大) barley three-way pig

The bone with the crispy barley three-dimensional pig (paiku: pork shoulder loin) which is fried after receiving an order (Piggu: pork shoulder loin) imbues the hot taste soup, and the juicy taste can not be collected.


Barley three-dimensional pig cold chilled bone

Renge no Gotoku (Renge no gotoku) barley three-way pig bone bone cold chilled mannequin

Next is also popular from the time of "Ajuka"Barley three-star pig cold roasted bones and bones (XNUM yen including tax). "

Renge no Gotoku (Renge no gotoku) barley three-dimensional pig noodles noodles noodle cold noodles noodles

For cold noodles, we use original noodles made of thick and delicious noodles with a sticky texture.

Cold pungent soup often gets entangled.

Renge no Gotoku (Renge ゴ ゴ 大) barley three-way pig bone bone cold bone 担 麺 麺 排 bone bone

You can enjoy a variety of eating habits by enjoying the crispy texture and eating in hot soup.

I recommend a refreshing hot and cold chilled rib bones on a hot summer day (^ ^)

Interview with store manager Mr. Atom

Mr. atomic force of the manager of Renge no Gotoku (Renge no gotoku)

Mr. atomic force of the manager of Renge no Gotoku (Renge no gotoku)

Former store manager of "Ajuska", "Renge no Gotoku (Renge no Gotoku)"I was surprised for half a year after closing the store, but I did not think that I could come out so near from Sakuragaoka. The feeling that I can not see people again (the atmosphere of the shop) has changed, but the ramen I'm serving has inherited "Ajuza." While keeping the nostalgic feeling, if you want to improve the grade from now on, "he said his aspiration toward the open.

So 2019 year 7 month 8 day (month) to openRenge no Gotoku (Renge no Gotoku)We described the design of the media preview for

It is impossible with ordinary effort to revive the store which has been closed once, but Mr. Atom of the store manager seems to have kept the recipe of "Ajusuka" firmly for re-opening, so far the taste so far It seems that the previous shop is completely reproduced!

If you went to "Ajuska", it will be a nice reunion.

Renge no Gotoku (Renge no Gotoku)

Location: Sakurakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo XNUM-16 Suzuki Building 7 Floor
Opening Date: XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day (Mon)
Hours: 11: 00 ~ 22: 00
Closed: Sunday
Number of seats: Counter XNUM X seats

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