Keio Plaza Hotel “Candles Beer Night collaborated with NAKED” is held! I have experienced extraordinary dinners colored with projection mapping

Hi, I'm in Tokyo!

From 2019 month 6 day (Wednesday) to 19 month 9 day (Monday) in 30, an extraordinary dinner time in the image of the woods at the all-day dining “Tree” on the 2 floor of Keio Plaza Hotel Main Building in Nishi Shinjuku Enjoy ``Candle beer night collaborated with NAKED"Will be held.

This time I was invited to the press conference, so I will tell you about the situation!

Extraordinary dinner colored with projection mapping

The scenery of the mixed forest that appears in the high-rise buildings is selected as "green Shinjuku 30 selection", and the Keio Plaza Hotel main building 2 floor all day dining <Kubayashi>, which is also described as a "city oasis",nakedCollaborate with and enjoy dinner with original fantastic projection mapping and candle productionCandle beer night collaborated with NAKED"Is being held.

On the wall of the area at the back of the All Day Dining <Kubayashi>, projection mapping of the atmosphere as if you were in the forest is projected from the projector of XNUM units.

Inside the store, like the trees being projected for projection mapping, there is a symbolic art tree with luminara candles, like the large and small glass, which are very beautiful.


Focus on 20 special effects that visit XNUM times in XNUM minutes

"Wind, water, flowers-Japanese summer"

"Wind, water, flowers-Japanese summer"

Attention is special production that XNUM X story of "wind, water, flower-summer of Japan" "candles-feeling to light on heart" "celebration" flows through XNUM degrees of XNUM minutes.

"Wind, water, flowers-Japanese summer"

"Wind, water, flowers-Japanese summer"

In “Wind, Water, Flowers-Japan's Summer”, wind, water, flower fairies appear one after another, and when magic is applied, they invite you to a world where windmills, running water marks, goldfish, and sunflowers bloom.

"Candles-feelings that light in the heart"

"Candles-feelings that light in the heart"

"Candles-A heartwarming feeling" is a heartwarming effect where the various scenes of having a good time at the hotel are projected with a silhouette. If you can see the proposed silhouette that appears for only a moment, you may be lucky (^ ^)

From XNUM X Mon X NUM X days, "Celebrations" are also planned, with motifs such as champagne and presents and fireworks colorfully coloring, so I am looking forward to this too!

All-you-can-drink XNUM X hours for special dinners and drinks

Beef sirloin steak

Beef sirloin steak

For dinner, you can enjoy the special menu 5 by the chef and a variety of free flow drinks such as beer, wine and cocktails!

Cooking menu (menu of 6 month and 7 month)

  • Hors d'oeuvre platter (ham mousse canapes, risotto croquettes and cheese pinchos, vegetable rolls with steamed chicken)
  • Marinated salmon and avocado carpaccio (cream dressing)
  • Scallop ・ shrimp ・ Tandoori chicken ・ barbecue pork ・ broochette of boiled egg
  • Beef sirloin steak
  • Today's pasta
  • sherbet

※ Menu contents will be changed after 8 month.

All-you-can-drink drink menu (2 free flow system)

  • Draft beer (Dry Premium Toyosu, black draft beer, half & half)
  • Wine (red / white) each XNUM X species
  • whisky
  • Highball
  • Campari (soda, orange)
  • Various cocktails (Jintonic Mojito)
  • Various sour (lemon, Kyoho, Carpis)
  • Distilled spirits
  • non-alcoholic beer
  • Oolong Tea
  • Various juices (orange juice, grapefruit, apple)

This collaboration event is up to 9 month 30 day, but after 10 month 1 day the menu and the direction seems to be changed to the winter version. I am looking forward to this too.

It is projection mapping of glittering impression, but "Candle beer night collaborated with NAKED"It is a dinner course recommended for this summer date, as it will enliven in a casual atmosphere!

"Summer Suites Buffet with Hagen-Dazs" starts from 7 month

Summer Suites Buffet with Hagen-Dazs

Furthermore, in All Day Dining <Jubayashi>, from 2019 Year 7 Month 1 Day (Mon)Summer Suites Buffet with Hagen-Dazs"Start! We can enjoy sweet buffet using ice cream of Hagen-Dazs Japan which reaches 35 anniversary this year!

Candle beer night collaborated with NAKED (booking site)

開催期間:2019年6月19日(木)~9月30日(月) 18:00~24:00(L.O.22:00)
Store: Keio Plaza Hotel XNUM X Floor / All Day Dining <Jolin> (Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 2-2-2
Price: XNUM X person X NUM X yen [requirement / X NUM X person ~ / X NUM X time system]
(Cooking, free flow, service charge and tax included)
Official Website OZmall (Ozmall)

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