A new room based on the image of a modern inn appears in Tokyo Ekimae Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo! A breakfast buffet with a focus on vegetables

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo-Hotel rooms at FORUS A -TATAMI ROOM

I like Tokyo, a hotel I like.

A new design room will be opened on Tuesday, 10 month of 3 at Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo, an 2019 walk from Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit, which celebrated the opening of 6. This time, we invited you and tried out a new design room that was renewed.

From the Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit to the Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo for XNUM minutes on foot

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo Exterior

The Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo, which celebrated its 10 anniversary this year, is a branch of the Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten (formerly Ryokan Ryumeikan Honten), which opened in 1899 (Meiji 32), (Ryokan Kashiwabashi Ryu) Opened as a prestigious building). Have a teahouse experience that opened last 12 monthsHotel 1899 Tokyo"Is also a hotel of this group similarly.

This popular hotel, which has been awarded the Michelin Guide for the second consecutive year in 8, has a new design room (all 38 rooms) based on the concept of “the closest modern inn from Tokyo Station”. Renewed on Tuesday.

Let's go in soon.

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo

Take the entrance and take this elevator to the 15 floor with lobby and reception.

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo "Ryokan Kurehashi Ryumeikan" era signboard

At the elevator hall, signboards from the “Ryokan Kushobashi Ryumeikan” era. The ryokan has a history of more than 100 years.

It has been infused with a good scent of incense and the mood is refreshed.

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo top floor lobby floor

Here is the lobby floor on the top floor of the hotel.

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo Lobby Floor

You can have a panoramic view of Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit from the 15 floor!

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo front desk

Image courtesy: Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo

Check in at this reception. While having a warm towel and relaxing, check-in is complete. This time, I assigned it to a room on the 8 floor.

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo 8 floor elevator floor

Elevator floor on the 8 floor.

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo Corridor

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo Room Entrance

The decoration of the corridor is also elegant with a Japanese modern atmosphere.


Guest room of FORUS A -TATAMI ROOM

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo FORUS A-TATAMI ROOM Interior

This time, we have a new room of XNUM X m2FORUS A -TATAMI ROOM"(All 28 rooms)"

The first impression is good impression that the width of the entrance is wide enough for the suitcase to be expanded. There is also a big look.

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo Hanger can be hung on the wall with Japanese toys such as kendama and kaleidoscope

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo A book to understand Japanese culture such as bonsai is put

On the wall where the hanger is hung, there are Japanese toys such as kendama and kaleidoscope, and books that understand Japanese culture such as bonsai, and it can be enjoyed by customers from overseas as well. The carpet is a traditional Japanese color "Yasukoiro" with a chrysanthemum flower motif. This is also a elegant color.

Fluffy slippers and toe silicone pads will soothe your travel fatigue.

The bed is fully equipped with the best model mattress

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo Double bed mattress is the highest grade model "Air SX" of the well-established bedding maker "Nishikawa"

The mattress of the double bed uses the highest grade model "Air SX" of the well-established bedding maker "Nishikawa".

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo "Air SX" which keeps sleeping posture naturally is a feeling that wraps up the body by the point, and it is steady until morning

"Air SX", which keeps the sleeping posture as it is naturally, was able to sleep well until morning with a feeling like wrapping up the body at points (^ ^)

You can also choose pillows of the XNUM type in addition to the company's "Air XNUM XD" pillows.

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo Tatami Space

A space with tatami mats next to the bed.

Here is a small raised stilt, and it is a Japanese space with a table.

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo Tea and coffee (Nesspresso) can be put in

By the way, tea and coffee (Nesspresso) can be added here.

Free bottled mineral water in the refrigerator XNUM Hotel Ryunaikan Tokyo

2 bottles of mineral water (free) in the refrigerator

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo Ryumeikan original blend tea "Matcha green tea Sencha" "Hojicha" "Saikawa black tea"

Water of mineral water is put in the electric pot and the hot water is boiled by 3 kinds of tea packs of Ryumeikan's original blend tea "Sencha with Matcha", "Hojicha", and "Shrimp sum black tea".

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo Enjoy tea slowly

It's hard to stretch my legs and relax slowly, except when I go to bed in a hotel.
Such tatami-mat flooring can be relieved for me from Japanese people, and it can be enjoyed for foreigners who want to get in touch with Japanese culture.

The area is a little larger than the single rooms in a typical business hotel, XNUM X m2, but the ceiling is high and it was more spacious than I thought.

To the bathroom

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo Bathroom

Then to the bathroom.

The bathroom has a sink and shower, and the bathroom is a shower room without a bath.

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo Washbasin area is compact, but there is enough space to put things in, there is no inconvenience.

While the sink area was compact, there was no space for putting things, and there was no inconvenience.

Abundant amenities

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo Ample amenities

Amenity is toothbrush, toothpaste, hair band, shower cap, leather, hair brush, comb, cotton, skin care for women (Quest face washing foam, lotion, milk, cleansing lotion), men's amenity (Lucido hair setting, skin lotion, milk lotion) ). Jam label shampoo etc.

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo Body lotion is original of Ryumeikan

The body lotion is abundant in any way, including the original Ryunakan!

Hand shower of hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo domestic shower head "nude"

The shower room has a hand shower with a domestic shower head "Nude", an overhead shower above the head and an 3 type shower for body shower.

The hand shower "nude" not only has a high cleaning effect of micro and nano bubbles, but also has a soft skin contact.

There is no bathtub, but it feels like sitting in a built-in chair and covering the entire body, and if you hit the overhead shower and the body shower, you will be healed quite tired!

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Soap

Of course shampoo and conditioner, body soap are also complete.

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo A single cut is beautiful on the wall of the room

A single cut is beautiful on the wall of the room.

New RoomFORUS A -TATAMI ROOM"All are double rooms, and the room rate is XNUM X night XNUM X room tax-included X NUM X yen ...".

"TOKYO SOHO" which assumed business use is also

Other than this, the newly designed rooms areJAPANESE MODERN(Left: XNUM X Room X NUM X m 2) and “TOKYO SOHO"(Right of the photo: XNUM X Room X NUM X m2) XNUM X type.

“TOKYO SOHO” is an innovative room called “Office Room” for business use, with functional corner cabinets, large sofas and white boards in each room. It seems to be available like "SOHO" (= home office).

"The best buffet chef in Japan" supervised menu "Tokyo Buffet"

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo Hanagoyomi Tokyo

Image courtesy: Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo

We introduce breakfast buffet at the end. Breakfast is open on the 15 floor in the Japanese restaurant "Hanagoyomi Tokyo", and a breakfast buffet with a monthly "Homemade authentic Japanese food" and 40 vegetable dishes.Tokyo BuffetYou can get “2,500 incl.

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo Hanagoyomi Tokyo Interior

Image courtesy: Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo

Here is the inside of the "Hanagoyomi Tokyo" store.

Breakfast is available to the general public as well as guests. (Breakfast: From weekdays 7 to 10 on weekdays (Award from 7 to 14 on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays holiday branches)

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo JTB Breakfast Questionnaire won the 1 ranking nationwide, and chef Yuko Yabuki, who is known as "Japan's top breakfast chef," is in charge of menu supervision

The menu centered on hand-made Japanese-made meals on a monthly basis will earn XNUM ranks nationwide in the JTB breakfast questionnaire, and Mr. Tatsuo Yabuki, the chef named "Japan's No. 1 Breakfast Chef", will oversee the menu.

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo Sashimi Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo Classic egg grill and fresh sashimi. The side dishes are also quite fulfilling.

This is a standard fried egg and fresh sashimi. The side dishes are also quite fulfilling.

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo XNUM X species including highly rare Edo-Tokyo vegetables

Here, you can enjoy fresh vegetables (XNUM species including highly rare Edo-Tokyo vegetables) sent directly from within Tokyo with salads and vegetable shabu-shabu.

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo You will have to shabu at this hot pot

You will shabu in this pot! Fresh vegetables are also recommended for those who are not good at it.

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo Drink corner has a wide variety of fruits and yogurt

The drink corner has a wide variety of fruits and yogurt.

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo Breakfast is such a feeling of vegetables. A "baked tomato" baked entirely with tomatoes is olive oil and salt

Breakfast is such a feeling of vegetables. The color is beautiful.

The "baked tomato" which baked the whole tomato had olive oil and salt.

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo Croissant is served by staff

The croissant was served by the staff. This is also delicious and delicious.

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo Raw eggs are also 3 varieties of "Hiuchi local chicken", "Sakura" and "Momiji"

Raw eggs are also available in the 3 varieties of "Hiuchi local chicken", "Sakura" and "Momiji"!

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo TKG eggs of "Hiuchi local chicken"

Among them, this time with TKG eggs of "Hiuchi local chicken".

View of Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit

Depending on the seat, you can see the view of Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit very well.

Vitamin charge from the morning firmly at a Japanese-style breakfast with a vegetable center. I'm hungry!

For domestic and foreign tourist base, use of Beziness

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo celebrates its 10 anniversary

So we announced the newly designed design room and breakfast buffet of Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo, which celebrated its opening 10 anniversary.

"Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo" is close to Tokyo Station, and there is also a bus stop for "Tokyo Shuttle" for Narita Airport immediately from the hotel, so use as a tourist base from inside and outside the country, or business trip to Tokyo This hotel is also recommended for those who are using business!

The reservation site of Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo is here!

LocationYaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 1-3-22
Access3 minutes walk from JR Tokyo Station Yaesu Kita Exit. 1 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line / Tozai Line Nihonbashi Station Exit A3.
Telephone number+03-3271-0971
Parking lot informationYes 34 units 1200 yen (tax included / night) Reservation required
Lowest price7,200~
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