[Tokyo XNUM X Olympics] I checked the competition schedule and ticket price that I focused on personally

I love the Olympic Games Tokyo Walkpo!

Application for lottery of official tickets for the Tokyo Olympic Games to be held in 2020 starts from 2019 on 5 Monday, 9 on Thursday, 10. This time, I checked the schedule and ticket prices of the hottest competitions I wanted to go to during the tournament.

Schedule and ticket price to be concerned personally

Schedule Start time Competition item 场所 Ticket price Session code
7/22 17:30 Soccer girl / first round Tokyo stadium 2,020 yen ~ 8,000 yen TOFBL01
7/23 17:00 Soccer Men / First Round Tokyo stadium 2,020 yen ~ 9,800 yen TOFBL04
7/24 20:00 Opening ceremony Olympic Stadium 2,020 yen ~ 300,000 yen TOOOC01
7/25 11:00 Bicycle competition (men's road race) Fuji Speedway other 2,020 yen ~ 5,500 yen TOCRD02
7/26 13:00 Bicycle competition (women's road race) Fuji Speedway other 2,020 yen ~ 5,500 yen TOCRD04
7/27 11:00 Tennis Men, Women / 2 Round Ariake Tennis Forest (Center Court) 2,020 yen ~ 12,000 yen TOTEN09
7/28 10:30 Judo Men's 81 kg Class, Women's XNUM X kg Class / Qualifying, Quarterfinals Nippon Budokan 2,020 yen ~ 15,500 yen TOJUD07
7/29 16:30 Rugby (Men's Final / Men's Awards Ceremony, etc.) Tokyo stadium 7,500 yen ~ 25,500 yen TORUG06
7/30 14:20 Volleyball Women / Qualifying Round Ariake Arena 2,020 yen ~ 13,500 yen TOVVO17
7/31 12:00 Baseball Men / Opening Round Yokohama Stadium 2,020 yen ~ 15,500 yen TOTEN26
8/1 12:00 Tennis (women's singles finals and others) Ariake Tennis Forest (Center Court) 10,000 yen ~ 54,000 yen TOTEN26
8/2 19:00 Athletic Men's Women's XNUM Xm Final Olympic Stadium 5,800 yen ~ 130,000 yen TOATH05
8/3 19:00 Badminton Women's Doubles / 3 Finals, Finals, Awards Ceremony Musashino no Mori Comprehensive Sports Plaza 8,000 yen ~ 45,000 yen TOATH06
8/4 10:00 Basketball Men / Quarterfinals Saitama Super Arena 10,000 yen ~ 54,000 yen TOBKB37
8/5 10:00 Table tennis women's group / semifinals Tokyo gymnasium 6,000 yen ~ 14,500 yen TOTTE29
8/6 19:00 Baseball Men / Semis Yokohama Stadium 8,000 yen ~ 31,000 yen TOBSB14
8/6 19:00 Baseball Men / Semis Yokohama Stadium 8,000 yen ~ 31,000 yen TOBSB14
8/7 11:00 Soccer (women's finals, awards ceremony) Olympic Stadium 7,500 yen ~ 45,000 yen TOFBL36
8/8 20:30 Soccer (boy's final match / boy's award ceremony) Yokohama International Stadium 9,800 yen ~ 67,500 yen TOFBL38
8/9 20:00 Closing session Olympic Stadium 2,020 yen ~ 220,000 yen TOOCC01


The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics where the 339 event will be held is 2020 month 7 day of 24, but the qualifying for soccer girls and softball will start from 2 month 7 day before 22 day. On the next day of 23, the qualifying for boys will begin at Tokyo Stadium (Ajinomoto Stadium).

The bicycle race (road race) from the day after the opening ceremony runs in the local area, so while watching a game for free, tennis players such as Naomi Osaka and Satoshi Takiori who have won the Australian Open are expected to see. One of the items we want to do.

8 Month 2 run of track men and women, which will be held at the Olympic Stadium on the 100 Day, is a great event to see. In the second half of the tournament, attention competitions such as basketball, table tennis, baseball and soccer finals are exciting.

There are some tickets that are expensive, such as up to 30 10,000 (opening ceremony), but there were a lot of tickets that could be seen within 1 10,000 yen in qualifying. Under these circumstances, XNUM's yen for families and groups, including children, seniors and people with disabilitiesTokyo 2020 everyone support ticket"Is likely to be a considerable draw ratio.

You can apply for lottery tickets and purchase up to 1 tickets. If you are selected, you will need to pay by 30 year 2019 month 7 day (credit payment with VISA card or cash payment at convenience store). By the way, please be careful as tickets that have been won cannot be partially canceled and must be purchased all at once.

It is difficult to predict at this stage whether Japanese players or cards will be played in the game you have won because even if you have 2 bodies, it is hard to predict at this stage, but after the spring of 2020 official resale service It seems that it will start, so I think it would be nice to apply for a competition that is bothering you. (Window sales will also be scheduled after 2020 Spring)

In any case"TOKYO ID 2020"Will be required, so let's register in advance.The lottery application acceptance schedule is as follows.

Lottery application acceptance period: From 2019 year 5 month 9 day (Thursday) 10 hour 00 minute to 5 month 28 day (Tue) 23 hour 59 minute
Lottery result announcement: 2019 year 6 month 20 day (Thursday) schedule
Purchase procedure period: From the time of lottery result notification to 2019 year 7 month 2 day (Tue) 23 hour 59 minutes

Postscript: XNUM X Month X NUM X Day AM X NUM X Hour has been extended to X NUM X Minutes!

Tokyo XNUM Olympics official watching tour will be on sale soon

From the end of the 2019 5 month, "Tokyo 2020 Official Olympic Games Tour"JTB","Kinki Nippon Tourist","Tobu Top TourSales will start in sequence from 3.

As it is a tour where the tickets for the game and accommodation and transportation etc. are packaged, if you have trouble preparing it, please check it out.

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