"Suzuki Toshio and Ghibli Exhibition" will be held in Akiyoshi Kanda! I tried to draw the fortune of love and love fortune of Sento-no-Yu & Zeni

Suzuki Toshio and Ghibli Exhibition

I'm a Ghibli child, I'm Tokyo walker.
From 2019 month 4 month 20 (Saturday) to 5 month 12 day (Sun) in Kanda Myojin Cultural Exchange Hall "EDOCCO"Suzuki Toshio and Ghibli Exhibition] Is held.
As we went on the first day of the event, we will tell about the situation this time!

To Kanda Akirajin

Kanda Akijin

Walk from JR Ochanomizu Station for XNUM minutes. This time, we came to Edo's total guardian deity "Kanda Akajin" in the founding XNUM year.

Akira Kanda Cultural Exchange Center "EDOCCO"

Akira Kanda Cultural Exchange Center "EDOCCO"

The venue for this exhibition is EDOCCO, a cultural exchange center that is right next to the main shrine of Akira Kanda.

It is a new facility that has just been built in 12 last year. On the 2 floor and the 3 floor, various events are held as the Kanda Myojin Hall, and on the 1 floor there are restaurants and souvenir shops.Suzuki Toshio and Ghibli Exhibition] Was held on this 2 floor part.

This day was the first day & saturday, and about 45 minutes before the opening time, there were already about 40 people. At the time of opening I think that more than 100 names are lined up.

Exhibition to understand the history of Studio Ghibli Toshio Suzuki

Specially made "Boiled bowl" face

Specially made "Boiled bowl" face

At the time of admission, 4 Mon 20 (Sat) ~ XNUM X Mon XNUM (Fri) ※ Until planned) 1 day 1000 limited"Specially-made" Bowl bowl "mask was presented on a first-come, first-served basis.

This “Suzuki Toshio and Ghibli Exhibition” is an exhibition featuring the words of Toshio Suzuki, a talented producer who has sent out many masterpieces at Studio Ghibli. Through the era of the editor of Animage, uncovering Mr. Suzuki's background, influenced cartoons, movies, novels, etc., the back of the creation of the Studio Ghibli, the catch time of various works, etc. are clearly understood It was an exhibition.

  • <Adolescence-Until becoming adolescent Toshio Suzuki>
  • <Tokuma bookstore era>
  • <Not for yourself but for others>
  • <Etusetra related to Ghibli>

By the way, I can not shoot the exhibitions such as documents, but some spots to be introduced after this can be shot and I was able to shoot freely.

Jump out! Magic of words

Jump out! The magic of words

This is the shooting OK "jump out! The magic of the word". This was also exhibited at the Matsuzakaya Museum last year.

Jump out! The magic of words

Words such as “The Spirited Away”, “Laputa of the Sky”, “My Neighbor Totoro”, “Princess Mononoke”, etc. are displayed along with the powerful characters of Toshio Suzuki, which are impressive in films representing Studio Ghibli. .

"Good luck, love" fortune of yukata and Zeni

"Good luck, love" fortune of hot water bowl and Zeni

Then ""Good luck, love" fortune of yukata and Zeni"(Photographable area).

It is a photo spot with huge hot water bowls and Zen pots that reach XNUM x meters high (^ ^)

A hot spring with eyes open here is a love ticket.

"Good luck, love" fortune of hot water bowl and Zeni

There is a Zenji on the other side, and you can open a lucky ticket free of charge.

Since a bill of 13 type (total 26 type) is hung in the mouth of the bowl and the Zen jar, the number is written when it is pulled! The force is amazing ^ ^;

"Good luck, love" fortune cup box of yukata and Zeni

Once you know the number, there is a medicine shelf next to it, so let's take out the fortune from the numbered shelf.

"Good luck, love" fortune of Oyochiji

When I drew the lucky ticket of Zeni, I drew "Daikichi" wonderfully!

"If you try to live" written there is a catch phrase of Isao Takahata's "Hohokekyo My Neighbor Yamada-kun" who died last year! It seems to be a pretty popular spot here for shooting OK. By the way, for those who are in a hurry, "quick fortune" of the usual fortune type was also prepared ^ ^


Yuya model (Spirit of Chihiro Chihiro)

Yuya model (Spirit of Chihiro Chihiro)

Then there is a model of a big hot spring (Oyuya)! This is also an area where shooting is possible.

Yuya model (Spirit of Chihiro Chihiro)

This hot-water store was very elaborately built, and on the left side of the building, I was impressed that the stairs where Chihiro ran down and the trains where Chihiro and Kaonashi go to the bottom of the swamp were faithfully reproduced.

Yuya model (Spirit of Chihiro Chihiro)

The story unfolds after crossing this bridge over the entrance with Haku.

Although this exhibition is not very large in the number of items displayed, “Sen to Chihiro's Spirited Away” is also featured extensively, and it was an exhibition that many people can enjoy because it can also be photographed!

Exhibition limited goods sold

A lot of Ghibli goods are sold at the souvenir corner after viewing.

A lot of "Toshio Suzuki and Ghibli exhibition" limited goods were also sold! We get the trade-exhibition booklet and the Zenigakigasaki.

I ate a collaboration menu at a cafe on the 1 floor

Kanda Akirajin Cultural Exchange Center "EDOCCO" 1F CAFÉ MASU MASU

By the way, on the 1 floor of the Cultural Exchange Center "EDOCCO", we were able to eat the collaboration menu of this exhibition.

Kanda Akirajin Cultural Exchange Center "EDOCCO" 1F CAFÉ MASU MASU

this"CAFÉ MASU MASU"Is a Japanese cafe where you can eat chopsticks, curry, inari sushi and more.

White (haiku) rice ball ※ Tea with oyster ice with tea

Here XNUM X Day Limited XNUM X Food "White (haiku) rice ball ※ with tea(864 yen including tax), XNUM X day limited 1 foodNearby oyster ice(^^) for ("648 yen including tax")

White (haiku) rice ball ※ with tea

'White (haiku) rice ball ※ with tea"A rice ball with rice, plum, and salt 3 rice balls"

Haku in the "Spirit of Chihiro Chihiro" Hike is "I was filled with hope to get up well" that rice ball!

Nearby oyster ice

'Nearby oyster ice"It was a lovely shaved ice with acorn cookies on Uji's powdered ice.

Suzuki Toshio and Ghibli exhibition, original collaboration menu

Other"Black and white sesame rice set with tea"Or"Dakimoku-like border puddingYou can eat original collaboration menu such as (XNUM X day limited X NUM X food)!

Coñara Buddha

On the 1 floor of the Cultural Exchange Center “EDOCCO,” the large “Conyara” shaped Fumofu “Coñala Buddha” became an insta spot.

By the way, the booth for selling tickets for the day was right next to the "Coñala Buddha".

We went to visit Kanda Akirajin and immediately got a stamp on the limited edition official seal book!

That's why I told you about the "Toshio Suzuki and Ghibli Exhibition" that is being held from 2019 month 4 day (Saturday) to 20 month 5 day (Sunday). During Golden Week, it is expected to be crowded, so we recommend that you go as soon as possible!

© TS © Studio Ghibli

Suzuki Toshio and Ghibli Exhibition

Venue: Kanda Akiyoshi Kanda Akijin Hall, Center for Cultural Exchange "EDOCCO"
Access: Ochanomizu Station on foot 5 minutes / Akihabara Station on foot 7 minutes
Date: XNUM X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X days
Time: 10: 00 to 18: 00 (Final entrance 17: 30) * Business hours may change.
Organized by: Nomura Corporation, Lawson Entertainment
Sponsorship: Pal Group Holdings, Nisshin Seifun Group
Special Cooperation: Studio Ghibli
Planning cooperation: Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, Movic Promote Service
Exhibition cooperation: A factory
Cooperation: Daiichi Xingsho, Edo Soju
Entrance fee: Tickets for the day: Adults XNUM X yen, junior high school students XNUM X yen, elementary school students XNUM X
Ticket information:Low-key
Official site:https://ghibli-suzuki.com/

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