[Fuchu City] Suntory Natural Water Beer Factory Tour Guide Tour Renewal! What is the secret of the premolar "Kohbuki" made with the natural water of your choice?

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Suntory ビ ー ル beer factory of natural water located in Fuchu, Tokyo 工場 Tokyo · Musashino Brewery's factory tour Guide tour renewed on XNUM X X X X month X NUM X! This time, along with the announcement of the new factory tour guide tour, we will introduce the design seminar of "The Premium Malt's" and "Kamibo" over XNUM times!

From Doboku Kawahara Station to the factory by a dedicated shuttle bus

Statue of Yoshida Nitta, located in the roundabout in front of the station

Statue of Yoshida Nitta, located in the roundabout in front of the station

Pre-ordering Suntory ビ ー ル beer factory of natural water 見 学 Tokyo · Musashino Brewery's factory tour, dedicated shuttle buses are available from the south exit rotary of Keiho Line, JR Nambu Line "Bubokawara Station".

The south exit rotary has the equestrian statue of a warlord who fought against the Kamakura Shogunate here in the late Kamakura period, and Yoshida Nitta.

Suntory ビ ー ル beer factory of natural water 工場 Tokyo · Factory tour for Musashino Brewery Free shuttle bus stop

Here you can see the statue of Yoshida Nitta. There is a bus stop for the free shuttle bus to Suntory, a beer factory for natural waters, Tokyo, and Musashino Brewery.

Suntory ビ ー ル beer factory of natural water to Tokyo · Musashino Brewery

We got on a shuttle bus and arrived at Suntory ビ ー ル beer factory of natural water ’in Tokyo, Musashino Brewery in about 10 minutes.

Entrance to feel nature

The first thing you see at the entrance is the area where you can feel this nature.

This time, it has been renewed, and the floor is filled with images of the serpents of the river, and when it steps in, it has become a production where ripples of the foot can be made.

Suntory Brewery Co., Ltd. Tokyo-Musashino Brewery Factory Manager-Keisuke Katsura

Suntory Brewery Co., Ltd. Tokyo-Musashino Brewery Factory Manager-Keisuke Katsura

Suntory Brewery Co., Ltd. Tokyo-Musashino Brewery Factory Manager-Keisuke Katsura

On this day, Suntory Beer Co., Ltd., Tokyo-Musashino Brewery Factory General Manager, Keisuke Katsura, explained the renewed factory tour.

Suntory's first beer factory opened in 1963, Tokyo's Musashino Brewery Factory, and "Nature water beer factories" have 4 locations throughout the country, and all have "natural water" suitable for beer brewing It is in the area where it can.

It is said that the site tour that has been renewed has been revamped with the content that firmly conveys "making things that stick to natural water".

Mini brewery

First of all, we visited the research and development facility "Mini Brewery" opened in 1989. (※ This is an area that is not generally open to the public)

Here, I could see the "charge tank", "filter tank", and a combined tank for fermentation and storage.

Suntory's new product is the heart of Suntory, as it was researched and developed in this mini brewery.

The book “Dreams” written by the calligrapher Takeda Sokumo was embellished in the year XNUM when “The Premium Malt's Masters Dream” was developed.

Factory tour tour start

Sticking natural water

That is the beginning of the tour tour of Suntory's beer factory, which has been renewed since here.

The tour can be seen from the selection of "natural water", "malt" and "hop" ingredients for beer.

Here you can see how natural water is made up and how you get to the factory using a model!

The Premium Malt is brewed using natural water from deep underground.

Rain falling on the mountain slowly penetrates the ground over the years, and the minerals contained in the ground dissolve into the water, so it seems that clean natural water is produced.

All the beer products made in factories in Suntory are brewed using this "natural water"! It is not so delicious (^ ^)

You can sample malt

Nijo barley malt

Nijo barley malt

Then you can see the "malt" used in the premium malts.

The malt is added with a rare malt called "two-row barley malt" and "diamond malt" produced in the Czech Republic and neighboring countries to maximize the taste of the material

Taste the fragrant diamond malt

Taste the fragrant diamond malt

When I tasted the diamond malt, I felt a very fragrant smell and taste.

It is so fragrant that if you ask if it is cooked through the fire, it is said that wheat is only soaked in water and dried to allow it to generate enzymes, and the fire does not go through. This fragrant flavor gives a deep richness!


The hop flower part is on display

The hop flower part is on display

"Hop" is a vine-like plant that seems to play a role in giving beer a bitter taste and aroma. The Premium Malt is made with "Aroma hop" from Europe and "Fine Aroma hop" from Czech Satz.

Pelleted aroma hop

Pelletized "fine aroma hop"

You can not sample hops, but you can experience the smell of pelletized "fine aroma hops".

It seems that it is possible to maintain a certain quality by importing the hop flower in the pellet form of 4 ~ 5 grains and importing it!

Preparation method of preparation

Then you can see the process of "preparation" to make "wort" that becomes the skeleton of beer at this theater.

Preparation area where you can visit after the theater

MAP of preparation area

MAP of preparation area

Let's look at the preparation process with the "prep area" where you can tour after the theater.

Feed tank and feed tank

Preparation tank

Feed tank and feed tank

This "preparation area" with 6 facilities. First of all, make the source of wort in this "preparation tank", simmer the source of wort in "preparation bowl", and add thickness to the taste of beer.

Filter tank

Filter tank

Filter tank

Next, we will remove malt husks in this "filtration tank".

Boiling pot

Boiling pot

Boiling pot

This "boiled rice cake" is to extract bitterness and aroma by adding hop to wort and boiling it.

Settling tank

Settling tank

Settling tank

The "settling tank" is to remove hop gas from wort before fermentation.

By the way, inside the coffin is a photo shoot NG, but you can visit it!

Premol is made by double decoction method and aroma rich hopping method

The premium malts made with this kiln are made using the 2 special process called "double decoction process" and "aroma rich hopping process".

  • Double decoction method.. Preparation method to bring out the taste firmly by preparing diamond malt and simmering at 2 degree
  • Aroma rich hopping method· · Transfer the filtered wort to a boiling pot and add "Aroma hop" when boiling and "Fine aroma hop" before and after boiling.

With this “double decoction process” and “aroma rich hopping process”, which took about 10 years to develop, the premium malt can have a gorgeous scent and deep body!

"Kami Foam" made by fermentation

Yeast chamber

Yeast chamber

Then, the process of fermentation.

Fermentation is decomposed into carbon dioxide gas and fragrant components by adding yeast to the wort finished in the process of preparation, and it will be a bottle of beer called "young beer" that has been born in about one week.

It seems that beer bubbles are made up of small bubbles of carbon dioxide gas.

"Air bubbles" are produced by malt-derived proteins and bitter components. The breweries are said to have changed the material depending on what kind of material they used and how they were made.Beer's resumeIt is also known as

The yeasts are carefully selected, and they control the fermented yeasts under the XNUM time system, so this premium is closely related to the fine and creamy "Kohwa" of the premium malts.


Sake tank

Sake tank

The final stage is making beer. It is a process that matures about 2 ~ 3 weeks and prepares the taste in the tank that has been adjusted to low temperature in the low temperature of the young beer just finished fermentation here.

By storing it, the oli is sunk and the taste and aroma become mellow, and after filtration, it goes into the final packaging.

Can go through the liquor tank

Here you can pass through the "sake tank" that was once used for aging.

The "Sake Tank", which seems to be made for science fiction movies, is the best as a photo spot!


In the filtration process, we will remove the yeast and oli that have finished their duties by passing the microfilter that is stacked here in layers.


Finally it is the packaging of the final process. The beer that has passed through the filtration process is filled here into cans and shipped as products.

I could see the factory of packaging. The endless row of premium malts can be spectacular!

The Premium Malt's factory not only saw the raw material that becomes the raw material for beer, but also saw the process, and it was a plant tour well understood that it was made with a strong commitment to "natural water"!

Waiting time for tasting time!

After the factory tour, it is time to wait for tasting!

here we have"The premium malts""The ・ premium ・ malt <fragrant> ale""~ The ・ Premium ・ Maltz ~ Masters DreamYou can sample 3 beers from the

The premium malts

Creamy "God bubble" premol freshly poured!

Even if I recommend drinking, "Kami Foam" covered the taste of Premol, and kept the taste for a long time!

The ・ premium ・ malt <fragrant> ale

The ・ premium ・ malt <fragrant> ale

Here is the "premium malt" fragrant ale.

Featuring a colorful and fruity tasteThe ・ premium ・ malt <fragrant> ale"Let's clean up and drink!"

After all, it is delicious after the factory tour!

In the souvenir shop, the premium malts and limited beers, glasses and snacks were also sold.

Suntory ビ ー ル beer factory of natural water〉 Tokyo · Musashino Brewery's factory tour Guide tour is being carried out every day except for factory holidays. You can also visit during weekends and Golden Week, so please make a reservation and go!

So, next time I have actually experienced the "new electric electric foam server" which will be sold in limited quantities from 2019, 3, and 19 days, I will send you the pattern!

Please see this article!

The premium malts "new electric electric foam server" is on sale now!

Tokyo Musashino Brewery Factory Guided Tour

Day: New Year, every day except factory holidays
※ We accept 3 months including this month.
Opening time: 10: 00-Last round 15: 15
※ There is change by time
Time required: about 70 (Manufacturing process tour + tasting)
Admission: Free
Capacity: Each time XNUM X people
Access: A free shuttle bus from "Babiru Kawahara Station" to the <Bake factory of natural water> Tokyo / Musashino Brewery
Reservation URL:https://webapl.suntory.co.jp/factory/musashino/

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