The walking route is obvious with the augmented reality function! Navi application "MapFaneye" for iPhone

We introduce iPhone navigation application "MapFaneye" using AR (Augmented Reality) function.

You can just point the walking route just by holding the screen on the way!

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Just enter the destination and hold it on the road!

A lot of navi applications have been released recently, but I think there is no navigation that is easier to understand. Just enter the destination and hold the iPhone on the road and you will see the route to the destination in augmented reality (AR)!

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You can search for destinations by spot name, address, phone number, station name, and nearby facilities.

Once the destination is determined, the time, arrival time and distance will be displayed.

Fun 7 minutes now ^ ^

Tap Start button to start navigation!

Uh, the way I should go is obvious!

I will not get lost in the way ^ ^

Along the way, there are convenience stores and family restaurants here.

It might be a great convenience when it comes to "a convenience store near you anyway?"

You can turn off the display with the settings!

I feel like wearing a dragon ball scouter ^ ^

Well, it's a bit suspicious if I've been holding it for a long time ^^;

Even if you get off, you can keep track of the road.


The destination has arrived and the route guidance has ended. When it deviates from the route, it is informed with a vibe.

From those who are not good at reading maps, they exit the subway exit to the ground and it is an app that seems to be quite useful for people who are "how do you go?"

MapFan eye 1.1

Category: Navigation, Travel
Current Price: ¥ X NUM X (Size: X NUM X MB)
Release Date: 2012 / 12 / 10

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