We have been wandering around Japan's easternmost tip in winter! 【Hokkaido Shiretoko ・ Nemuro Sanpo 1】

Hi, I'm in Tokyo!
This timeNemuro Promotion Bureau

From Haneda Airport to Nemuro Nakashibetsu Airport

From Haneda Airport at ANA about 1 hours 45 minutes.

Nemuro Nakashibetsu Airport which arrived is pure white by historical cold wave! It is safe to land at first and foremost (^ ^)

Rausu-cho native district museum

Rausu-cho native district museum

First of all, we went to the Rausu-cho Local Museum.

There are 7 points of important cultural properties from the 8 century to the 260 century, including the Okhotsk culture, the Tobini Thai culture, and the Shobun culture.

The pottery of Tobini Thai culture was made by the contact and fusion of Okhotsk culture and Tobini Thai culture

The pottery of Tobini Thai culture was made by the contact and fusion of Okhotsk culture and Tobini Thai culture

Speaking of general Japanese history Jomon-Yayoi-Kofuni-Asuka ... and so on, but since there was no rice cultivation in Hokkaido, Jomon-Jo Jomon-then Okhotsk culture-Tobini Thai culture area and Shobun culture It is divided into areas of

I will study because the history and culture of Hokkaido at this time will not be taught at school at all. It is a local museum where you can see medieval Ainu culture and the history of pioneering after the Meiji era.

Opening hours: 9: 00 to 17: 00
Closed days: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, the year-end and New Year holidays, but 7 month to 9 mid-month is not open
Entrance fee: free


Experience a fish waiting under ice and snowmobiles in the wind lotus lake

From the next day, coverage starts in earnest. The weather is good from yesterday until yesterday!

On this day, I was able to see specially the traditional fishing called "Kori Amitai" in the brackish water lake "Furen Lake" in Nemuro City.

Under ice wait net fishing

As the name suggests, a hole is made in the frozen lake of Hualien Lake, and a box-shaped net is placed there to catch fish such as herring, komai and cucumber fish. I heard for the first time about Cucumberfish! It really smells like a cucumber of vegetables.

It is the whitetail to dance high. It is said that here in the area called Hualien Lake and Spring Country Village, about 300 kinds of wild birds more than half of the wild birds that can be seen in Japan can be found in the Ramsar Convention wetland.

I'm driving a snowmobile

I'm driving a snowmobile

After visiting fishing, we sprint on frozen Fururen Lake on a snowmobile! I drove for the first time, but this is not a refreshing feeling.

The details of the fish waiting at the bottom of the ice at Lake Hualien are written in "Rea Nippon", so please see here too!

Road Station Swan XNUM X Sleeping Store

Road Station Swan XNUM X Sleeping Store

After that, go to "Michi-no-Eki Swan XNUM X Nemuro Store" located on the shore of Lake Hualien.

There is a big window on one side and you can do bird watching from here!

Original soft cream made with special milk from beckoning milk shop

Here, you will receive Swan XNUM X Nemurro's original soft cream (normal size XNUM X yen) made of special milk from "Bekkai Milk Shop" in Betsukai Town! The taste of milk is dark!

From Nemuro Station where Lupine trains travel around the easternmost part of Japan

Nemuro Main Station on the end of the Nemuro Main Line Hanasaki Line

From here, a trip around Nemuro City, Japan's easternmost tip. At the end of the Nemuro Main Line Hanasaki Line, Nemuro Station

Lupine The 3rd Wrapping Train!

© Monkey Punch / TMS · NTV

Vehicles wrapped in Lupine III have entered! It is said that this vehicle has been running since 2012 because the original author, Mr. Monkey Punch, is from Hamanaka Town with Hamanaka Station along the Nemuro Main Line.

Local admission ticket (170 yen) for Japan's easternmost station "Tone Muro" station

At Nemuro Station here, you can buy a local entrance ticket (170 yen) for Japan's easternmost station, Higashi Nemuro Station, which is one neighbor!

Nemuro City Hall has a special booth by Naomi Osaka!

Nemuro City Hall

Speaking of Nemuro, Naomi Osaka, who won the 2019 Australian Open and became the first Asian women's tennis ranking! ... area where grandpa lives in!

A special booth by Naomi Osaka was set up on the XNUM X floor lobby of Nemuro City Hall here.

Items on display including signed tennis clothes worn by Osaka players, hats, rackets and balls are on display. I look forward to future activities! (Exhibition will be until the end of 2019 year 3 (planned))

Silo in Meiji Park

Silo in Meiji Park

I met a landscape like Hokkaido. This is the Meiji Park made in Meiji 8. A brick silo made in Showa 7 and Showa 11 seems to be a registered tangible cultural property designated by the country.

Hanazaki is a whole pasta at Italian in the easternmost part of Japan

Hanazaki is a whole pasta at Italian in the easternmost part of Japan

In the Italian restaurant "Boschetto (Bosket)" at the easternmost tip of Japan, pasta where Hanasaki was riding entirely and pasta where Nemuro's finest sea urchin was on! Not only looks strong, but the taste of the crab is the best pasta for a solid pasta!

The details of "Boschetto (Bosket)" have been contributed to "Retty Gourmet News", so please click here!

Sakai Post Office, Japan's Easternmost End

Sakai Post Office, Japan's Easternmost End

From here we go around the easternmost spot in Japan.

First of all, you are at the post office. Postcards can be issued with commemorative stamps and postmarks.

A shop selling Guarana, Japan's easternmost end

A shop selling Guarana, Japan's easternmost end

The Nemuro-limited Mainland Eastmost End Garana, which is sold exclusively in this store, is now on sale in the "Omiseyasan Itiki" next to the Kashiwa Post Office!

You can get the certificate of the easternmost arrival at Nemuro City Northern Territories Museum

Nemuro City Northern Territories Museum

We finally arrived at the easternmost part of Nasunabu! Here at Nemuro City Northern Territories Museum, you can get a certificate of departure, visit and arrival of the mainland of Japan at the 4th pole and the east end (^^)

Nasabuhu lighthouse and tooth dance archipelago

Nasabu was windy like a snowstorm, and it was completely protected, but it was extremely cold.

And I could see the tooth dance archery nearby!

Japan's easternmost cat?

Japan's easternmost cat?

In the souvenir shop "Kotobuki" located near the area, Nyanko, Japan's easternmost end?

I was relieved to feel the cold.

"Tone Muro" station on the easternmost edge of Japan

Commemorative photo taken at Japan's easternmost station

It became one of Nemuro Station and arrived at Higashi Nemuro Station on the easternmost end of Japan. The easternmost station is an unmanned station.

Wait for a while and shoot the Hanasaki line coming in. It will be a picture of diesel vehicles running in the snow scene!

Home run oyster

Home run yaki Itabashi

It was "home run yaki Itabashi" who stopped at the place which returned a little.

What is a home run?

A store like the Chinese town in the downtown area. There are some noodles on the menu, but it is out of stock on this day. I wanted to eat~

Home run oyster (1 pieces 60 yen)

So here is "home run Yaki (XNUM X pieces X NUM X)". It stands out with a cute appearance like a baseball ball type baby castella.

Inside, the sweet bean paste bean paste firmly entered, and the dough was delicious with a sticky texture!

Yakitori rice cake at Taiei Nishihama branch

The last time I visited on this day was the “TAE Nishihama store”.

Yakitori rice cake at Taiei Nishihama branch

The "Yakitori bowl" cooked in the shop is delicious with delicious flavor! This is also the same as when I visited Muroran, and I call the grilled pork skewers "Yakitori".

As we visited Japan's easternmost spot and Yayatori of Taiei contributed to "Rea Nippon", please have a look!

Rausu no Yado Marumi

Next time, I will tell you about the design of "Rasu no Yado Marumi", which became the base of the trip this time!

This course is here!

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