Palm-sized projector "Pico Cube" can easily realize "I want to watch videos while sleeping"

Pico Cube A & Pico Cube SXNUM X Blogger Event
Hello, this is Tokyo walk baggage.
This time's ultra-compact, ultra-lightweight cube-type mobile projectorPico CubeSince I participated in the blogger event of "", I will tell about the pattern.

Attention mini-projector with crowdfunding

Pico Cube A

Pico Cube A

Ferricross Co., Ltd. Daiichiro Taniguchi

Ferricross Co., Ltd. Daiichiro Taniguchi

On this day, Mr. Daiichiro Taniguchi, the representative director of Ferricross Co., Ltd., who sells Pico Cube in Japan, will be on the stage.

This time, 2019 year 3 month 1 day will be releasedPico Cube A (Ace)Also, the crowdfunding "Machi-ya" is a micro-projector that is attracting attention, with funds of approximately 340 10,000 gathered.

Pico Cube A (ace) is only XNUM Xg!

Pico Cube A & Pico Cube SXNUM X Blogger Event

Become a new modelPico Cube A (Ace)"Is a palm size X NUM x cm square and weighs only X NUM x g, which is exceptionally small for a projector.


Easy to play games "S6" and "A (Ace)" with built-in Android OS

Let's look at the difference between the previous model "S6" and "A (Ace)" released this time.

"S6" has an HDMI terminal, so it is easy to connect to a PC or game console. In addition, microSD terminal (supports up to 32GB) is installed, and you can easily view images and videos taken by the camera.

On the other hand, the new "A (Ace)" does not have an HDMI terminal and a microSD terminal, but the Android OS (7.1.2) is built-in, and the application works only with the main unit. You can view videos such as YouTube and Netflix. The speakers are built in, but with BlueTooth you can connect external speakers, mouse, keyboard etc. It is also attractive that "A (Ace)" has a keystone correction.

As for suggested retail price, "S6" is excluding 35,000 yen tax, "A (Ace)" is excluding 40,000 yen tax.

Comparison image of "A (Ace)" and XNUM Xml plastic bottles. Smallness of seeing.

Brightness is standard for small machines, XNUM X lumens. It is difficult to use in the daytime, but if you darken the surroundings, you can see 100 to 7 inch sized images.

The light source is a DLP XNUM X LED, and its life is approximately X NUM X hours. It seems to move about 3 hours on a full charge.

In the case of Android, the game is connected with Wi-Fi using the MIracast function. You can use the iPhone's baaihaAirPlay function to connect with the unit via Wi-Fi.

Projection to the ceiling is easy with a tripod

Easy projection to the ceiling with a tripod

There are times when it is troubled with the place where it installs in the general home projector, butThe Pico Cube series has a tripod hole on the bottom, and using a tripod makes projection to the ceiling easy!

You can also watch videos while sleeping!

Prior review by 3 bloggers

On this day, there was a preliminary review corner by an 3 blogger.

Otani Dai (delaymania)

・ You can watch YouTube while sleeping! (It's amazing!)
・ The best you can see on the ceiling
・ It is good to be able to shoot a picture in the live house!
・ It is good to be available at parties and seminars

Mr. McLin (MacRin | Gadget X NUM X rate, home appliance X NUM X rate review blog)

・ It's extremely small in XNUM x m square!
・ Square shape is rare even compared to third-party products
・ The texture is high and there is a sense of quality (made of aluminum)
・ Weight is with iPhone XS
・ I was able to connect without looking at the manual
・ High resolution of mirroring
・ It is strong to have Google Play
-It may be easier to use if you can work with the smartphone app!

Ryoichi Nakano (Blog in the morning)

・ I thought it would be convenient if there were many opportunities for seminars, but it was a bit tough in the daytime. OK if it is darkened with a blackout curtain.
・ If you can use MTG with a small number of people
・ We can take out immediately and are usable
・ Good for outdoor camping
・ You can watch videos while sleeping even with a cold

I was projected to the ceiling

The method of projecting on the ceiling that Mr. blogger of the 3 name was pushing hard. I actually tried it in the corner of touch and try. The fact that it is so small that it won't lose balance even if it is attached to a tripod and tilted by XNUM degrees is a technique that can be done because of the square shape and the lightness of XNUMxg.

In this case, you can see videos such as YouTube while sleeping in bed.

By the way, on this day, I connected Nintendo switch to S6 and played an action game, but it was well received from the participants without feeling any delay in operation!

It seems that you can do "game while sleeping".

Reader limited! 3,000 Yen OFF coupon available on Amazon!

This time, I received a promotional coupon for 3,000 discount, which is available to Amazon for readers only! (If you enter the relevant coupon code on the order screen, you will receive an 3,000 discount)

Please use by all means when you buy! (Expiration date: until the end of 2019 year 5)

Pico Cube A (Ace) is here! (Coupon code: 2 RX NUM X TXT Q)

Pico Cube S6 is here! (Coupon code: FZOGL39Q)

I want to read it together

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