Life's first Japanese-style dresser [Aqua Line East Sanpo Part 2]

Hi, I'm in Tokyo!
At the invitation of the Aqualine East Tourism Federation, I will tell you about the trip to Chiba Boso, two days a night. I told you last timeSeasonal hot spring hot spring Kisarazu Fujiya season viewWe will stay here and we will tell about the design of the 2 day this time.

Japanese costume experience at Sharakukan, where costumes are free

It is in Kisarazu-shi that went for the beginning "SharakukanMr.

This is a comprehensive departmental spot of a studio or a chapel where various situations can be taken, and a commemorative photo where a wedding ceremony of Kamimae style can be raised. Weddings can be listed from 10 10,000 yen.

Above all, kimono is more than 2000 wearing (Kireso is XNUM wearing) and there is also an unlimited choice!


I was able to experience Japanese clothing immediately.

I did not wear a kimono at the blue crest (^ ^) adult expression, so it may be the first time in my life to wear it properly (^ ^)

The age is the 2 adult ceremony.

Go to Zen Seiji with Japanese dress

It was dressed in Japanese style and the group headed for “Shousho Joji, the garden of Shojoji is ~ ♪”, familiar Mr. Makoto Seiji.
It was in Kisarazu City!

The attendant also turned into a raccoon dog, and everyone gathered together for the Zensei Temple (laughs)

I went back to Sharaku-san again, and I had a tea experience in the Gachi tea room in Sharaku-kan.

We had Matcha and Japanese sweets at the point of tea teacher! Recently, it is said that they are often used by foreigners visiting Japan.

Seaweed lunch at Itoya Ryokan

Lunch is in Futtsu city "Itoya Ryokan"The special feature of"Kaihodon"I received

Nori seaweed set (1500 yen)

Nori seaweedIt is a seafood bowl on which rice scoops and grilled seaweed are added to the rice, and seafood is placed on top of it.

In "Itoya Ryokan", it is 1,500 yenSeaweed set is popular.

Anago, Scallop, Squid, How much, Kimme, Tuna lean, Mid Toro, Fried egg, Sesame kelp, Gari-laid nori seaweed with steamed clams, salad, after-meal dessert, coffee, high satisfaction It was a lunch set.

Iwatani Kannon-do and Aoisaka Daishi's piercing tunnel

After lunch, go to the hot 2 power spot in Futtsu city.

The Iwatani Kannon-do Yagura group is a mysterious spot where a majestic Buddha is carved in a burial mound. The Great Pass at Tonzan Slope is a fantastic spot that has recently become a topic in the Instagram.

The details are contributed to Rea Nippon, so please read this article!

Return is by Tokyo Bay ferry from Kanaya Port

Return is connecting Kanaya Port in Chiba Prefecture and Kurihama Port in Kanagawa Prefecture.Tokyo Bay FerryGet on the way home.

If you get on board at dusk, you can see the sunset and special collaboration of Mt. Fuji from the deck if the weather is fine! (The picture was taken before)

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