Released JAL Pack "Hokkaido Fukkoku" 3! Hakodate ~ Sapporo XNUM X days are XNUM X yen ~!

Mt. Hakodate night view
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JAL pack "Hokkaido Fukakugo"The 3 bullets released on the WEB limited!
Hakodate (or Yunokawa) ~ Sapporo trip (XNUM night XNUM day X) can go at a reasonable price and how 2 yen ~!

Mt. Hakodate night view bus tour and JR ticket for each station

On the first day of the tour, we got off at Hakodate Airport, and at night we climbed Mt. Hakodate on a bus tour of "Mt. Hakodate Night View Roman Course" and enjoy the night view of Hakodate Million Dollars. Stay in the hot spring "Hanokawa" near Hakodate or Hakodate.

On the day of 2, while eating at a station valve with "JAL Ekiben Coupon", use JR ticket (free seat) from Hakodate Station and head to Sapporo Station, and after a free time, stay at a hotel in Sapporo.

On the 3 day, after free time, travel from Sapporo Station to New Chitose Airport Station using a JR ticket (free seat), and travel from the New Chitose Airport to the return route for XNUM Xnight XNUM days. The point is "Mt. Hakodate night scene romantic course" bus tour ticket and Hakodate Station-Sapporo Station-New Chitose Airport bus tour on the way, etc. are also attached, and this price is too good (^ ^)

The other day we went to Hakodate, but I will go up a considerable climb road to the ropeway station of Mt. Hakodate, so I think that the bus tour of "Mt. Hakodate night scene romantic course" can be done from the hotel. Yes!

The night view from Mt. Hakodate was really amazing!

[web limited] Watch the Hokkaido Fukko Crack No. 3 bullet "Habarabi Hakodate / Yunokawa and Sapporo XNUM Days" (JAL pack)

Departure date: 2019 year 1 month 15 day to 2 month 26 day
Exclusion date: 2019 year 1 month 19 day / 26 day, 2 month 9 day / 10 day
Origin: Tokyo
Days: XNUM X days
Minimum number of personnel: Hakodate night course: 1 name Yunokawa night course: 2 name

We are distributing additional coupons for excursions in Japan!

Japan travel "Hokkaido floor discount" is redistributed! As for the tour tour, it seems that you can go to the Sapporo Snow Festival as well by discounting up to 35,000 yen

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