Delicious gourmet meeting which we met in 2018 year

Echizen is

Hi, I'm in Tokyo!
The year is no longer this year. It feels like the body is getting faster and lighter year after year, is it your mind?
In that regardIt was delicious to eat this time in 2018 yearWe will introduce you at once.

Ebisu "Nakamura Gen" maple pan

It was delicious that I had eaten at Ebisu's "Nakamura Gen" which I went to in the "Delicious Dish Club".
It has less juice than fire pots, so it is full of medicine. In addition, the medicine jar Sangria was infinite and delicious.

Fukui's Water Yokan

Starting with the event of eating and comparing the water type 1 in Fukui Prefecture held at the antenna shop in Minami Aoyama, Fukui Prefecture in 13, I visited Fukui Prefecture this year as well.

It is common for everyone in Fukui to eat water yokan in winter, and the taste varies depending on the store. I also interviewed Kubota confectioner's water yokan factory, but everything is handmade. It seems that the New Year holidays are the busiest.

Fukui's Echizen

In the 11 month, coverage of the ban on Echizen crab and the first seri in "Rea Nippon". Enjoy the freshly picked Echizen crab and female seiko crab that the locals can not easily eat. Fresh and sweet. It was too delicious and all the staff at the press ate silently.


Himalayas of meat at "Shinjuku Yakiniku Shioka"

"Shinjuku Yakiniku Shika" is an all-you-can-eat all-you-can-eat all-you-can-eat 24 menu such as Himalayan meat including the Himalayas of meat, and all-you-can-eat with carefully selected Japanese drink comparisons. It was so delicious that the mysterious vocabulary of "too delicious and delicious" was exhibited. (※ 11 / 12 (Mon)-due to renovation work, for a while)

Asahikawa gourmet

Interviewed Hokkaido Asahikawa city in 11 month. "Hoshino Resort OMOX NUMX AsahikawaWe participated in a tour to enjoy Asahikawa gourmet at "OMO Ranger's Attend".

Above all, raw lamb Genghis Khan, which I ate at “Naruyoshi Shisui Daikokuya” at the Genghis Khan specialty store, was so shocking that it changed the image of my previous Genghis Khan.

Brittaro in Sado Island

"Sado natural brika tuna set meal" which we ate Nagasaburo of Sadogashima of Niigata prefecture was delicious.
This is a rare shop where ramen is delicious because it is originally a ramen shop. Of course you can also enjoy the seafood of Sadogajima.

Muroran yakitori and curry ramen

Enjoy local gourmet "Muroran Yakitori" in Muroran, Hokkaido.
By the way, "Muroran Yakitori" is a style that eats pork and onion skewers in a Western style.
In the long-established "Yakitori Ippei", "shelled quail charcoal grill" is also popular and the crispy texture was delicious.

There are many curry ramen shops in Muroran, and the “Ai no Daioh Ramen Higashi Muroran West Exit Store” is a long-established store established for over 40 years.
The master of the craftsman's skin was silent and a little scared, but when I talked to it, it taught me lots of scenic spots in Muroran and it was very nice.
I want to eat again if I go to Muroran.

Soba and rice in Oita-cho, Mie Prefecture

Interviewed Odai Town, Mie Prefecture for 3 consecutive years. The home-made rice that is served by Mr. Minshuku Mikuri is delicious, and I am glad that I feel relieved every time.

For the first time this year, I tried to make soba noodles for myself, but in the future I could make soba so delicious that I would like to do it at a soba restaurant.

Okonomiyaki of Osaka and Tsuruhashi Fugetsu

After all Okonomiyaki in Osaka is the most delicious (^. ^) # Okonomiyaki # Tsuruhashi Fugetsu

Tokyo strollerPosted by ((@tokyosanpopo) –

Since my wife's family is in Osaka, I always eat okonomiyaki when I return.
Recently, Tsuruhashi Fugetsu Okonomiyaki is my favorite (^ ^)

Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki "Sonia" of Shinbashi

"Sonia" is a popular Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki at Shinbashi.
It is a popular shop that is too popular and you can not enter without reservations.
Above all, "Youngman" with chopsticks and cheese is my favorite.

For a limited time, the event "High-grade news item is also unlimited! Premium sushi all-you-can-eat"

The last is “Unlimited premium content for all-you-can-eat premium sushi all-you-can-eat” in “Sushi and Japanese food Tsukiji Nihonkai” held for a limited time in 8 month.

I was immersed in the sea of ​​sea urchin and how much overflowing. This event was soon filled with reservations, but I hope it will be held again if there is a chance! That was a big impact event.

The delicious gourmet sampo I met in 2018 year was sent together.

There were a lot of coverage of the region this year, and I was able to eat many seasonal tastes representing the area! Well, what kind of gourmet will you meet next year?

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