Amazon's New Year Limited Sale "Amazon's First Selling" starts from 1 Month 2 Day! "A visible bag" also appeared

Amazon's New Year's Limited Sale "Amazon's first sale
I will tell you that part of the content was found!

"Omakase lucky bag" and "visible lucky bag"

This year, in addition to the enjoyable Omakase Lucky Bag until the contents of the product are delivered, a "Viewing Lucky Bag" that shows the contents in advance will also be sold.

In "Omakase Lucky Bag", such as "Digital SLR camera + 5 point set" and "Mirrorless SLR + 2 point set", etc.It seems to sell about 200 kinds of bags such as fashion and beauty home appliances, cameras, kitchen utensils.

Other sale items

※ Product may be changed by circumstances.

Also sell osechi ingredients

In addition, "Amazon Fresh" and "Prime Now" during the period, "Prince salmon luxury set" containing prince salmon 3 species (smoked slice, smoked fillet, smoked Hokkaido, soy sauce pickled in Hokkaido), and aged over XNUMW weeks in ice temperate zone You can purchase the “Immuro matured Hokkaido Tokachi black beef eating comparison XNUM X seed set”, which is a set of Hokkaido-made Tokachi black beef 2 species (loin steak, sukiyaki shoulder loin, and grilled meat).

If it is Amazon Fresh, it will be delivered in the shortest 4 hours, and if it is Prime Now, it will be delivered in the shortest 2 hours.

Furthermore, during the sale period, shopping for 10,000 or more will result in up to 7.5% points reductionPoint up campaignWill be implemented. All products including non-sale items are also applicableAmazon Gift Vouchers, Amazon Coins, excluding Reserved Items).

Amazon's New Year Limited Sale "Amazon's first sale

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