PayPay campaign is over. Where do you use PayPay for XNUM X Billion Yen?

PayPay XNUM X billion campaign ended

Smartphone payment service "PayPay2018 year 12 month 4 day (Tuesday) `` 100 billion yen campaign '' started on 12 month 13 day (Thursday) reached the maximum amount of 100 billion yen equivalent, so 23 hour 59 minutes To end the campaign.

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day X NUM X Minutes X X

↑ PayPay official tweets.

The rumor of the end came out from the morning of today.

Where do you use PayPay for XNUM X Billion Yen?

So, as announced in advance, when the budget is reachedCampaign to raise XNUM X billion'Finished.

That means that PayPay of XNUM X billion will be returned to users next month.

Where do you use it?

Since stores that can use PayPay can be searched by genre in "Yahoo! Map" and "Yahoo! MAP application", what kind of store they can use in the future is likely to be the key to spread!

Click here for PayPay app

iOS version Android version

【PayPay (Yahoo!)】 Stores that can be used in Yahoo! Map can be searched by genre! Curry, ramen! → Also supports Yahoo! MAP app

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