Tokyo 會舘 Shinmoto グ ラ ン ド grand opening in 1 / 8! Repo wedding facility with 2000 banquet room

Tokyo Sakai New Main Building
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Tokyo Station Marunouchi in front of the Imperial PalaceTokyo 會舘 Shinmoto 舘"The grand opening in XNUM X X X X month X X X X X X day (Tuesday)!
We will tell about design of media preview this time!

A complex with weddings, restaurants and banquets

Tokyo Sakai New Main Building

“Tokyo Ginza”, which opened in 1922 (Taisho 11), was loved by many as “a world-class social gathering place where people can gather,” but it was temporarily closed in 2015 for rebuilding.

2019 Year 1 Month 8 Day (Tuesday) Grand Opening New "Tokyo Sakai New Main Building"Is located in the basement 1 floor-4 floor and 7 floor of" Marunouchi Nijubashi Building "and is a complex facility with wedding facilities such as restaurant 8 store, banquet room 13 room and chapel.

This time, we will mainly talk about the wedding facilities and the banquet room!

XNUM X floor banquet room


Tokyo Sakai New Main Building Chapel

The chapel on the 7 floor (Christmas-style, public-style seating number 100 seating (seated)) is shaded by curtains when the bride and groom appear, for a good atmosphere of lighting.

Tokyo Sakai New Main Building Chapel

After the appearance, the curtain opens and the fresh green of the Imperial Palace square spreads in front of the bride and groom.

Tokyo 會舘 Shin Main Building Chapel of Heart Stone

There are heart-shaped stones in the stone surrounding the chapel, so if you find it lucky (^ ^)

Just next to the chapel there is a large veranda where you can also bouquet toss!


Tokyo Kashiwa Shin Main Building

In addition, on the 4 floor, there is a God-style "temple" (number of seats: 50 people (seats)), the first branch in Tokyo from Izumo Taisha (Oyashiro).


Tokyo Tsubaki New Main Building "violet"

This "Violet" next to the chapel is a "VIP room" that reproduces the noble room of the first main building that has hosted a VIP such as the Imperial Family.


Tokyo Sakai New Main Building "Royal"

Tokyo Sakai New Main Building "Royal"

"Royal" overlooks the Imperial Palace in front and the view is the best.

It is an elegant banquet room with well-furnished furnishings.


Tokyo Sakai New Main Building "Sakura"

Tokyo Sakai New Main Building "Sakura"

This "Sakura" is a very bright banquet room facing the XNUM side of the Imperial Palace and Marunouchi Nakadori.


Tokyo Sakai New Main Building "Magnoria"

This "magnolia" has a chic look that uses original bricks with a design that mimics the first letter of the Tokyo fox (TK) on the wall. 11 Mon ~ 2 Mon can also see the illumination of Marunouchi Nakadori.

The banquet rooms all had views of the Imperial Palace and Marunouchi Nakadori from the large windows.

XNUM X floor Main banquet "Rose"

Next, on the 3 floor, there is a main banquet "Rose" that also accommodates the largest 2,000 banquet room in the Marunouchi area. A carpet of rose flowers, a huge chandelier with chandeliers and chandeliers.

This time I have been tasting the party menu here (^ ^)

Tokyo Aoi Party Menu

Domestic beef rib loin roast beef

This chef is a serve that cuts "domestic beef rib roast roast beef" baked slowly for about 4 hours.

Roasted lamb with crout ratatouille pershard

Here's “Crusted lamb with roasted shards and crout ratatouille”.

Artistic and colorful dishes are lined up!

Tokyo beef special made with calf and curry rice

"Tokyo 會舘 special calf and curry rice" is a European-style curry that takes XNUM days to complete.

The finest filet meat was Toro Toro.

Gorgeous desserts are also fulfilling. Colorful sweets.

Here, the chef cuts Baumkuchen.

You will have plenty of honey!

Maron Chanterly

This is "Marron Chantery" that Kiyome Kashime of Tokyo 會舘 first confectioner chief created.

It is sweets which decorated with fresh cream on the Mont Blanc which I threw high-quality chestnut in XNUM degree in the inside. This is also available on the 2 floor shop "SWEETS & GIFT".

Acupuncture Style Jinfiz

There was also a time when Tokyo Samurai was operating as an "American Club of Tokyo" after the war. It is said that the cocktail "Kinkan style Jinfiz" which put milk in ginfiz also loved Kenji MacArthur.

So, this time, we focused on the wedding facilities and banquet rooms at "Tokyo Tatemono Shin Main Building", which will be grandly opened on 2019 and 1 days (Tuesday).

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Next time I will tell you the restaurant and the shop. Please see this article!

【Tokyo 會舘 New Main Building】 Summary of restaurants recommended for special dinners

Tokyo Sakai New Main Building

Location: Marunouchi 3-chome 2-1, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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