Hokkaido Fukkoku second phase starts! Great discounts on accommodation charges and tours with traffic

I'm fine Hokkaido

Hello, this is Tokyo walk baggage.
Great discounts on travel products such as lodgingHokkaido FukakugoThe 2 period of "starts!"
We introduce accommodation site that accommodation charges and tours are greatly discounted!

It can be used for reservation only at Jaran / hotel and hotel! Jalan coupon

Only hotel and hotel accommodation can be used for reservation! Jalan coupon

In Jalan, only hotels and hotels in Hokkaido receive a maximum discount of 20,000 yenOnly hotel and hotel accommodation can be used for reservation! Jalan couponIs being distributed.

Up to XNUM X people XNUM X yen discount! HIS Hokkaido Fukkowari Tour (1 / 30,000 at 12)

HIS Hokkaido Prefecture

Stay with traffic (3 nights or more) will be discounted up to 1 people 30,000 by HIS (HIS)Hokkaido Fukkowari Tour"12 Mon 5 Day (Wednesday)" Start from ~ 11 AM. However, this is only a phone call and a visit reservation.

HCS is currently "Hatsume fair"Is underway.

In addition, in "hometown tax payment site" "HIS gift card" has appeared in return goods of Miyaki-cho, Saga Prefecture!

Japan Travel / Hokkaido Fukkowari (12 / 5 12 Time ~)

Japan Travel / Hokkaido Fukkowari (10 / 24 14 Time ~)

For travel to Japan XNUM X Month X NUM X Day (Wed) X NUM X: From X NUM XHokkaido FukakugoAir + accommodation products will be released additionally.


Going with JAL skis / winter "Hokkaido floor break" (12 / 10 10: 30 ~)

"Hokkaido Fukkoku" which goes by JAL

JAL goes from 12 to 10 (Mon) from 10 (Monday) 30 Skis in Winter and every winter in HokkaidoHokkaido Fukko Discount CouponWill be distributed.

Up to half price! Expedia / I'm fine Hokkaido! Support support campaign (during implementation)

Up to half price! Expedia / I'm fine Hokkaido! Support campaign

Expedia offers up to half the cost of accommodationI'm fine Hokkaido! Support campaignThe limited coupon is currently being distributed. (Expiration date: XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day Afternoon X NUM X Hour X NUM X Minutes)

JTB / I am fine! Hokkaido Fukakugo

JTB I'm fine Hokkaido Prefecture

At JTB, with accommodation in HokkaidoAce JTB · Dynamic JTBThe product ofDiscounting up to 20,000 YenHokkaido FukakugoAre being distributed from 11 / Month 26 days.

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