"Soft mom" makes organic baby underwear looking at baby # Odaimachi PR

Onishi Sewing Factory

Hi, I'm in Tokyo!
I am visiting Odai-machi, Mie Prefecture with the invitation of the Odai-cho Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mie Prefecture.
This time, we will introduce and manufacture baby underwear in Odai Town, Mie Prefecture.Soft mom limited companyVisited.

"Soft mom" baby underwear made of ultimate organic cotton

"Onishi Sewing Factory", the parent company of "Soft Mom Co., Ltd.", was founded in Showa 36 (1961) and has been engaged in the production of baby underwear in Odaimachi, Mie for over 50. Yes.

The turning point came when 6 years ago, an OEM company that accounted for 7 of sales went bankrupt. The factory also stopped, and while the employees left the company, it was last year that they launched their own brand "Soft Mom", which should not be this way.

The company's own brand "Soft Mom" ​​focuses on BtoC, reflecting the voices of end users in products, including remorse that customers have not been able to reflect the voice of customers in BtoB until now.

Meanwhile, the finished baby underwear of "Soft Mom" ​​is carefully made of chemical-free cotton material called "White Organic" which is the ultimate organic cotton using a very long fiber with firmness and stiffness.

Water absorption comparison of existing product and "soft mom"

We actually had a comparison of water absorbency. When I dropped the water on the existing product on the left, I kept sucking on the water for a long time, but I hardly sucked the water, but the baby underwear of "Soft Mom" ​​on the right continues to absorb water thoroughly. I am a little surprised at this difference.

When I actually put on another baby underwear and changed it to a baby underwear of "soft mom", the baby who had been crying loudly stopped crying immediately.

A newborn baby is easy to change in physical condition, and it is easy to catch a cold, but the baby underwear of "Soft Mom" ​​absorbs sweat well, so a baby with super sensitive skin is also good for the soft skin of "Soft Mom" You will grow asleep quickly.

Meanwhile, I had an embroidery experience on this day.

If you live in the town, you can visit the factory by contacting in advance.

Manabu's M

Manabu 'M' with a gold thread

You can embroider your favorite alphabet in about 1 minutes!

Next is the button attached to the inseam part.

If you go here again with a dedicated machine,

It was able to be attached beautifully.

I received a soft mom's underwear embroidered beautifully in such a shape (^ ^)

There is also a plan to give moms such baby embroidered baby underwear for babies born in Odai-machi in the future. I hope this will come true!

By the way, if you ask the reason why you are stuck with "white" without printing such as patterns, "Because baby can not express my emotions and feelings in words, when mother judges by expression or crying or crying, baby's It seems to be "to make the expression and complexion easy to understand."

I want to provide good things

Mr. Onishi from Soft Mom Co., Ltd.

Mr. Onishi from Soft Mom Co., Ltd.

Mr. Onishi and his wife, Soft Mom Co., Ltd., were eager to send out good things from Odaimachi that are not on the market so far.

Newborn babies are really easy to change their physical condition, but new mothers and dads are concerned about their concerns, but the company's products that focus on easy-going communication with mothers will be the future from the perspective of such babies. I felt that it was a product that many moms wanted to know.

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