【Hotel 1899 Tokyo Preceding Repo】 “Chaya Experience Hotel” with easy access to Shinbashi opens 12 / 1

Hotel 1899 Tokyo Exterior

Hi, I'm in Tokyo!
In the Shinbashi and Toranomon areas, the theme was "tea".Hotel 1899 Tokyo"Open on XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X". As we interviewed the design of pre-shows this time, I will tell you!

About 6 on foot from Toei Mita Line "Onarimon" Station "Hotel XNUM Tokyo"

Hotel 1899 Tokyo Entrance

'Hotel 1899 Tokyo”Is a newly opened hotel by 2, a long-established inn that operates“ Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten ”and“ Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo ”listed in the Michelin Guide of 1899. Access is about 6 on foot from Toei Mita Line “Onarimon” station About 9 on foot from JR / Toei Asakusa Line / Tokyo Metro Ginza Line “Shinbashi” station. 9 floors above ground, with 63 rooms.

The entrance is an atmosphere like a tea shop. Let's get in!

DELI & BAR1899 Tokyo
On the 1 floor, there will be a restaurant and delicatessen “DELI & BAR1899 Tokyo” with the theme of “Japanese tea” that offers Japanese and Western dishes using matcha and hojicha. (Restaurant dinner business starts on 12 month 20 day, lunch and cafe business starts on 2019 month 1 month 16).
I will tell you this later carefully!

XNUM X floor reception (reception)

Hotel 1899 Tokyo Reception

There was a reception (reception) on the 2 floor that was lifted by an elevator. A healing atmosphere that conveys the warmth of trees.

Hotel 1899 Tokyo Reception

Here, in addition to check-in and check-out, there is a tea pot at the counter, and you can receive Japanese tea and matcha tea as a welcome drink. In addition, hotel original goods were sold on the shelf.

Hotel 1899 Tokyo Reception

The original tea pack is sold above the impressive tea box.

Hotel 1899 Tokyo Reception

The design concept of the hotel is "Contemporarily interpreted teahouse experience", and it has become a hotel where "teahouse experience" can be made everywhere, including a round window (^ ^)


Corner Deluxe Twin

Hotel XNUM Tokyo Corner Deluxe Twin

The hotel rooms from the 3 floor to the 9 floor have a designer room based on the concept of a teahouse-inspired iori. This is a corner deluxe twin room (33.6㎡). Only double and twin rooms (2 people 1 rooms) are available.

It was a very bright room with a lot of sunshine because it was a corner room on each floor.

Hotel XNUM Tokyo Corner Deluxe Twin

Angle from the window side.

Bedding is Air Weave's high resilience mattress, and pillows are Kyoto Nishikawa's feather pillow and pipe pillow.

The distinctive feature is the seat on the window side. It's like a seat that you can sit comfortably like the front side.

The rooms are of course free Wi-Fi.

All rooms are equipped with a smartphone "handy" that allows you to make free calls domestically and abroad, and a tablet device for rooms. You can check out from the room using this terminal.

Spacious and spacious XNUM X basins.

The mirror also has a round window design.

Amenity is abundant, too.

The rooms have separate bath and toilet.

Luxurious bathroom!

The toilet is also spacious! There was a security box in the walk-in closet.

Superior Double A IORI

Hotel 1899 Tokyo Superior Double A IORI

Subsequently, Superior Double A IORI (XNUM X m2) is a room with the theme of "Sakai".

The bed side has raised the floor of the back half about 40 cm, and you can also sit down like the edge of the teahouse.

Hotel 1899 Tokyo Superior Double A IORI

A distinctive feature is the layout in which the sink is in the room and integrated with the desk.

Something interesting.

When sliding the mirror in front of the sink, a teapot and a bowl were in it.

In each room, 2 bottles of Balmuda's high-performance electric kettle and mineral water bottles, daily original tea packs from among the 10 types such as the hotel's original Japanese tea (sencha, gyokuro, Japanese black tea, bancha) are available.

You can enjoy plenty of fine tea in the rooms too (^^)

Superior Double B ENGAWA

Hotel 1899 Tokyo Superior Double B ENGAWA
Then "superior double B ENGAWA (XNUM X m2)".

Hotel 1899 Tokyo Superior Double B ENGAWA

A bench with the motif of "the edge of a tea house" is also installed on the window side.

A round window was installed in the unit bus and I could feel the light from the outside.

Hotel 1899 Tokyo Standard Double

Hotel 1899 Tokyo Standard Double

The last guide is a room with a standard double (XNUM X m2).

A simple room with an interior with the motif of "tea ceremony" which is a tool for tea ceremony.

Hotel 1899 Tokyo Superior Double B ENGAWA

This room was also equipped with benches like the front side, and it was a compact room but the passage was spacious.

The room wear has cute tea leaf illustrations embroidered on the chest.

Corridor on the floor of the guest room based on soft green which imaged wood grain and green tea.

Elements of sum were placed everywhere in various places.

DELI & BAR1899 Tokyo

DELI & BAR1899 Tokyo

Then, finally, we will introduce "DELI & BAR (Deli & Baru) 1 Tokyo" on the 1899 floor.

A restaurant and delicatessen with the theme of "Japanese tea" is opened on the 1 floor.

You can enjoy "tea dishes" and "tea sweets" mainly on a custom buffet style breakfast.

DELI & BAR1899 Tokyo

This also adopts the rim side in the design, and the pendant light with Japanese umbrella as the motif illuminates the inside of the cafe.

DELI & BAR1899 Tokyo

The cafe space in the back is also a fashionable space (^ ^)

DELI & BAR1899 Tokyo

The kitchen counter showcase can be taken out with menu items using Japanese tea such as matcha and hojicha, Japanese and Western food side dishes, body-friendly soups, side dishes such as night-limited snacks (from XNUM X items from XNUM X yen) You can purchase a delicious deli menu.

Free breakfast for guests

DELI & BAR1899 Tokyo Breakfast

Breakfast is free for guests here.

DELI & BAR1899 Tokyo Breakfast

Here is a Japanese breakfast, such as baked sweet potato, green tea potato, teacup, awakening cup (six sencha) and a teacup.

DELI & BAR1899 Tokyo Breakfast

This is a tea-rich breakfast such as tea sausage and grilled colorful vegetables, green tea dressing salad, green grilled vegetable tea marinade, green tea bread, bamboo charcoal bread, green tea soy milk soup and so on (^ ^)

"Hotel XNUM Tokyo" is close to popular tourist destinations such as Ginza, Roppongi and Marunouchi, and there is also a closeness of about 1899 by taxi from Haneda Airport, so the atmosphere for foreigners and seniors visiting Japan has calmed down It is likely to be a hotel where you can enjoy hospitality.

Postscript XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayDELI & BAR 1899 TOKYO (Deli & Baru 1899 Tokyo)"Opened!

Click here for the hotel reservation site of Hotel XNUMX Tokyo!

LocationShinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 6-4-1
ACCESSFrom Toei Mita Line "Onarimon" Station A4 exit about XNUM minutes min
Telephone number03-3432-1899
Parking lot informationYes. Available for up to 14 hours from 14:24 on the day of check-in to 1:2,500 the next day. XNUMX yen per night.
Lowest price15,300~
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